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Wedding Receptions & Ceremonies

For 25 years The Windy City Hitman DJs have been committed to excellence in treating each of our brides & grooms with the special care & attention they deserve. We will work together with you as a team in the planning & review process of each detail to ensure that your reception will be most memorable for you & your guests.


What is Included:

  • Your choice of Cocktail, Dinner & Dance Music for up to 6 hours. No Extra Charge for Cocktail Music.
  • Experienced, formally attired college degreed Disc Jockey who is your Professional Master of Ceremonies/Coordinator performing all introductions & announcements and an on-call back up DJ.
  • On line party planning and/or written forms. www.windycityhitman.com/weddings
  • Mix on Apple iMac G5 Computers with a library of over 35,000 titles.
  • Fully backed up on site sound system including a 2nd identical Apple iMac Computer.
  • JBL self powered EON sound system.
  • 2 Microphones including a wireless microphone.
  • 2 hours advanced set up.
  • Fully insured for liability.



Romantic Dancing

Ultimately it is your reception and you deserve what you want. You choose the music (for cocktail, dinner & dance), the events, the time schedule, the DJ style and lighting/special effects. While the planning forms are designed to assist you with ideas and options nothing is in stone, tell us what you want and don’t want, every wedding is different, let us assist you in making your reception special, unique and memorable to you.




Your reception usually begins with a cocktail period. A great time to set the tone for the rest of the evening. Check out Cocktail Music Lists under Background Music (Dinner & Cocktail Suggestions) on our Music Collection page. www.windycityhitman.com/42/music



IntroductionsIntroductionsAllow us to place the focus of attention on you, the true stars of the reception. The introductions combine a professional & prepared approach tempered with personality & enthusiasm. Have fun picking the songs which you & the bridal party will be introduced to. Some of the more popular introduction choices have been: www.windycityhitman.com/236/introductions


Cake Cutting

Cake CuttingCake Cutting

Have fun cutting your wedding cake to your favorite cake song: www.windycityhitman.com/246/cake-cutting




Whether it be one of the fathers, mothers, the maid of honor, the best man or a special guest giving a speech or toast; we will instruct them on how to hold the microphone for the best results. blog.windycityhitman.com/microphone-tips-2


Dinner Music

Fabulous Collections of Dinner Music to choose from or customize your own list. Either way, we will check with you and your parents to see if the volume level is right.


Our advise for you is to make sure that you distinguish between the cocktail hour and dinner time. They should be 2 seperate and distinct periods of your event. You should therefore choose different music for each period. To have 2 and a half hours of the same exact music would not be wise. The music genres could be similar while still being different. For example our Rat Pack Collection (www.windycityhitman.com/265/rat-pack), Cool & Swing Collection (www.windycityhitman.com/271/cool-swingin), Contemporary Ballads (www.windycityhitman.com/257/contemporary-ballads) and Italian American Favorites (www.windycityhitman.com/263/italian-croonersare) are all classic and romantic with a touch of swing, but each is different and has it’s own special quality and theme. Some of our clients will mix a couple of the collections together while others will add additional artists to a particular genre and still others will create their own lists from scratch. Whatever way you choose to do it make sure you make the cocktail hour music different form dinner music. Your guests will appreciate the variety.


Bride & Groom 1st Dance

1st Dance1st Dance

Your big moment. Your favorite song and feeling the moment.


Father & Bride Dance

Father & Bride DanceFather & Bride Dance

Father & Bride Songs: www.windycityhitman.com/248/father-daughter-dance


Mother & Groom Dance

Mother & Groom DanceMother & Groom Dance

Mother & Groom Songs: www.windycityhitman.com/250/mother-son-dance


Romantic Dancing

Romantic DancingRomantic DancingRomantic DancingRomantic Dancing

Pick out your favorite Romantic Ballads.


High Energy Dancing

Dance PartyRomantic Dancing
Dance PartyDance Party
Dance PartyDance Party

You pick the music, and we will keep them dancing! www.windycityhitman.com/downloads/how_to_keep_the_dance_floor.pdf


Bouquet Throw

Bouquet ThrowBouquet Throw

Most Popular Bouquet Tunes: www.windycityhitman.com/242/bouquet-throw


Garter Throw

Garter ThrowGarter Throw

Favorite Garter Songs: www.windycityhitman.com/240/garter-throw


Last Dance

Last DanceLast Dance

Fast or slow, a wonderful way for your guests to join you and send you out in style. Ending Tunes: www.windycityhitman.com/238/endings




You can customize your own Wedding Ceremony. Use our Ceremony Form which includes music suggestion: www.windycityhitman.com/weddings/ceremony-form

Have us play Prelude, Processional, any Interlude & Recessional Music on a seperate sound system which includes a michrophone for the officiant.


After reviewing the material please feel free to contact us at any time. We would enjoy answering any questions and/or more fully explain our services. Consultations are encouraged, we would enjoy personally meeting with you at our Arlington Heights office any Monday thru Thursday morning, afternoon or evening by appointment.

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