About Windy City Hitman

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the greatest music of all time, which produces enjoyment and fun for all by means of a fantastic collection of music (100,000+ titles from 1920 to Current Top 40), experienced and professional Disc Jockeys and top quality sound and lighting systems. We are in the entertainment business because of our love of music, and have no greater thrill and satisfaction than knowing that we have helped make another celebration special, fun, and memorable.  In the interest of maintaining excellence over the years The Windy City Hitman DJ’s take pride in receiving a written 10-point post event evaluation from each client.


What We Are & What We Are Not:

What We Are!What We are Not!
Informative & clear. Our clients know
specifically what they are getting and receive precisely what they expect. No surprises.
No specifics on equipment, music lists,
lighting, DJs or legitimate references. Just
generalities & fluff.
What you see is what you get! Our
equipment is exactly as seen on our
website, literature & DVD!
Bait & Switch, you don't know what sound
system you're getting until you show up on
the day of your reception.
All Sound Systems are Identical & Company owned!Each system is different, no consistency. Different Speakers, Mics, Mixers. Each DJ
has different equipment.
2 Apple iMac Computers each fully loaded
& organized with 35,000 plus songs for
peace of mind. Complete Backup.
Takes a chance & just uses an IPod, Cd's or
2nd Rate Computer as a back up.
All DJs work exclusively for Windy City Hitman!Nothing more than a Glorified Subcontractor.
All DJs are College degreed & experienced
as seen on Website profiles.
You don't know whom you'll get.
Quality Customer Service & Value at its best. Check out our hundreds & hundreds of totally satisfied clients!No references listed/provided for you to contact. Anyone can just claim they're good. Where's the proof?
Up to 6 hour reception packages which include cocktail, dinner & dance music. No hidden costs. Hidden costs like charging extra for the cocktail hour.
A continual resource for you. We freely offer our advise in our written literature, website, phone or in person. We're full
Contract you, take your money, then leave you hanging with no commitment of promises or expectations met.
Organized, neat & attention to every
Specifics & appearance don't matter.
Customization, we will work with you to give you exactly what you want. It's your reception. You deserve what you want. They do it their way, not your way. They
won't work with you on every detail.

WindyCityHitman.com 847-255-9164

1) Are we charged additional for setup & take down time?
No, the only time that you are charged is from the time you want us set up by till when we play the last song of the event.

2) How early do you arrive to setup?
We arrive at the banquet hall 2 full hours before our scheduled start time. This allows for a no rush setup and a full sound check before your first guests arrive.

3) Is there a travel fee?
We do not charge any additional for travel within the Chicago Metro area including such locations as Lake Geneva, Aurora, Hammond or Gurnee. We do have a Downtown Chicago fee which covers parking fees, tips and loading and unloading.

4) Can we pick out our favorite music?
Yes, we encourage you to pick out as much music as you like. Customization is our middle name. It is your party and you deserve what you want. Please use our music lists on our online planning forms for assistance and submit any additional favorites not on the lists. The lists are just the tip of the iceberg. If it is not listed, it does not mean that we don’t already have it or will get it. Remember we already own over 100,000 titles in our master collection! If you want it we have it or will get it.

5) Can we give you a do not play list?
Let us know what you don’t want to hear and we will make sure it is not played. You can make note of this on the online forms or submit a separate do not play list.

6) Can we pick out the specific events we want to do and don’t want to do?
It’s totally up to you. You customize all aspects for your celebration to your desires.

7) Are the DJs allowed to drink alcohol or smoke at the reception?
No alcohol or smoking is allowed.

8 ) When do we need to submit the planning forms & music lists?
Please submit or return the completed forms no less than a month before your event.

9) Do you make the introductions and MC the event?
Yes, and we do a great job at it. We fill the roles of Sound Expert, Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremony and Event Coordinator.

10) Do you provide music for cocktails and dinner?
We enjoy setting the right mood from the start. Some popular choices during dinner include: Instrumental Jazz, Romantic Ballads and Italian American Favorites including Rat Pack Tunes. We keep the sound at the appropriate level. We will check with you to make sure the volume is set at the appropriate level for you and your guests.

11) Do you bring backup equipment?
Even though we have the best equipment in the business we still bring a complete backup system on site including a identical Apple iMac G5, with a 17 inch screen computer fully loaded with over 35,000 songs for peace of mind. We do not use simply an I Pod or CDs as a backup like other DJ companies.

12) Are you insured?
Yes fully, with a major insurance company.

13) Are tips required?
No, a tip would not be a tip if it was mandatory, it must be earned. Tips, while welcome, are not required and are solely of the discretion of our satisfied clients.

14) Can we see a live performance?
Sorry, due to our commitment to professionalism and the respect we have for our contracted clients, we do not invite uninvited guests to our clients events. We believe a better and more efficient way to check us out is to call our references who would enjoy talking with you, view our video and/or set up an appointment to meet with us. Check out our numerous totally satisfied client’s live personal video testimonials on The Hitman’s Blog. blog.windycityhitman.com

15) How do we secure our event date with The Windy City Hitman DJs?
It’s simple, either we can mail you a completed contract with a self enclosed stamped envelope or you can meet with us at our Arlington Heights Office. All you need to do is sign the original contract with the appropriate deposit. You keep the yellow copy for your records. After we receive the deposit and contract we will give you a receipt. Final payment is ultimately not due until 30 days prior to your event date.

  • We promise to remember that this is your wedding day, a once in a lifetime event, a day unlike any other you will ever experience. We will never view your day as just another party.
  • We promise to respect your wishes. It’s your day, and your style. We will make it work for you.
  • We promise to give you the benefit of our expertise. We don’t just make you tell us what to do. We will work with you, not just for you. We will help you with ideas, whether completely new to you, or just by helping to make your own ideas work even better.
  • We promise not to ask you to make decisions on your wedding day about how things should go. All planning and decisions will be made in advance, so that you can enjoy your day and enjoy your guests.
  • We promise to represent you well. We realize that we are your spokesperson. We are the one your family and best friends will hear when you are introduced into the room, introduced for your first dance and parents dances. We will make you proud.
  • We promise not to embarrass you. No surprises. No cheese. No embarrassing you or your guests, or forcing your guests to do things they don’t want to do. We believe in encouragement, not intimidation.
  • We promise that we will be easy to work with. Our purpose is to make your day great.

Our Music collection is extensive! We have over 100,000 titles.

… But others might also.

Our Equipment is superior! We use new JBL Self Powered G2 Speaker Systems & Apple iMac Computers.

… But others might also.

Our Lighting is great! We offer a variety of quality lighting and special effects options.

… But others might also.

The Big Difference:

The Hitman DJs are totally Professional! We have a lineup of experienced DJs who are college educated. Let The Hitmen create an atmosphere of enthusiasm combined with professionalism.

● The entire reception is planned with you in advance. We guide you through the process of planning your reception. We encourage each bride and groom to make choices when it comes to the music and events and we review each detail with you in advance of your reception. This insures that your reception will be special, unique and memorable to you.

● The introductions and announcements are performed with great effectiveness. Preparation and great mike presence gives your guests that attention getting first impression that this is going to be a great celebration.

● The center of attention is focused upon the bride and groom and not upon the DJ. The bride and groom are the stars of the show not the DJ. You won’t be embarrassed.

● The events are coordinated with the banquet facility and photographer to insure a smooth event. This gives you the peace of mind that the events are going to be done right and in a timely manner.

● The Hitmen know music of all types and from all eras. The greater music knowledge the DJ possesses the greater variety of music he can draw from.

● The Hitmen, with excellent communication skills, can relate to both the young and old. This gives all your guests the feeling that they are going to be included in the party and not left out.

● The Hitmen know how to read the crowd. Drawing from years of experience we will get the most dancing out of your guests. Knowing when to transition from one set of music to another and sensing the right time to play a certain song will help produce the most dancing and fun.

Remember the DJ Company you choose to perform at your reception will be representing you in front of your relatives and closest friends at one of the biggest events of your life.


Our office is located at: 405 E. Thomas, Arlington Heights, IL 60004

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