Meet The DJs

We have a lineup, second to none of mature and seasoned Disc Jockeys. Each being seasoned communicators, personable & college educated relate well to folks of different ages and backgrounds. All have a vast knowledge of diverse music and know how to read a crowd and keep them dancing the night away. They are not just playing through a music list, but actually know each individual song and where each song will fit into the big picture. Each is personal, punctual, neat and loves to entertain seeing that your guests leave with a smile on their face because they had a great time.

Each Of Our Professionals Fill The Role As:

  • Event Planner
  • Master Of Ceremonies
  • Disc Jockey
  • On-Site Coordinator
  • Technician


A Top Notch DJ will avoid the following 2 mistakes:

(1) to totally disappear from the mike, just playing the music without tasteful song introductions, announcements, instructions, interaction or enthusiasm. You might as well have hired a juke box or I Pod! and (2) to upstage the client by trying to want to be the focus of attention. Having an arrogant attitude or telling a joke between each and every song and in so doing interrupt the flow of the party and the music. This takes away the focus from you and your guests, the true stars of the show. You might ask who’s wedding is it anyway?


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DJ Profiles

ExperienceMobile Disc Jockey for 14 years for Windy City. Previously co-hosted Indianapolis Radio shows on Q95 & WIBC during the Indy 500 Month of May since the mid 1980's.
EducationTrinity, Deerfield , IL (Masters Degree)
Indiana University (BS Business & Marketing)
Bob's ThoughtsI just love Techno Dance Music. Teaching the Pizza Dance to a new group is always challenging & exciting. I still think watching adults attempt to Hula Hoop is a blast.
1st LP bought wasA Nod is as Good as a Wink to a Blind Horse (Rod Stewart)
Favorite ColorBright Lime Green
Loves bopping to the beat of favorite dance songs. Enjoys being interactive & has won karaoke contests. Great personality one on one and on the microphone in front of crowds.
Memorable EventDisney Convention at the Rosemont Convention Center

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ExperiencePrior to Windy City Hitman DJs had 8 years of mixing and mastering music experience and play two instruments: Piano and guitar.
EducationUniversity of Cincinnati ( BA in Communication and Spanish)
Patricks's ThoughtsI have studied music throughout the years dating back to the Motown and swing eras. I have extensive background knowledge of most genres. Fun and exciting ready and willing to have a great time.
1st LP bought wasJames Brown discography (Start time)
Favorite ColorRoyal Blue and the purest of White
StyleInteractive/ Professional /Highly Energetic

I love to dance even behind the DJ booth to let the crowd know that I’m enjoying myself. I enjoy interacting with the party to keep the crowd energized. I generally dance to every genre of music. My microphone presence is unbeatable and I can control a crowd to keep the event professional.
Memorable EventAn over the top wedding at Bartlett Hills & Palmares in Costa Rica.

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ExperienceMobile Disc Jockey for 16 years, all with Windy City. Experienced public speaker for 12 plus years. Has assisted in the editing of Windy City Literature.
EducationJohn Marshall Law School (Law Degree)
Illinois State (BS, Political Science)
Brian's ThoughtsJimmy Buffett is tops to me. The biggest challenge I ever had was making a wedding, years ago, a success without a microphone.
1st LP bought wasStill Crazy after all the Year (Paul Simon)
Favorite ColorBlue
Treasures the opportunity to share his love of music with people and to be a part of an important time of one's life. Is a professional DJ in the truest sense of the word. Coordinates well with photographers, videographers & banquet managers. Very detailed.
Memorable Party

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ExperienceDance Instructor and Trumpet player prior to Windy City Hitman DJs. Experienced in Salsa & Swing Competitions. Experienced Public Speaker.
EducationUniversity of Illinois (BA in Communications)

Lamar's ThoughtsAs a Former Musician I have an appreciation for every style and Era of music. As a current dance instructor I know what people like to dance too!
1st LP bought wasJanet Jackson Rhythm Nation
Favorite ColorFavorite Color: Deep Purple
StyleInteractive/Professional, Enjoys both styles, especially qualified to lead & teach group line dances.

Memorable EventMy very First Wedding Party!

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Experience6 plus years as mobile DJ, drumer & vocalist.
EducationElgin Community College (Business), Barrett College
Joe's ThoughtsI enjoy give the customer what they want: good communications & a dance floor filled with smiling guests.
1st LP bought wasGlass Houses, Billy Joel
Favorite ColorBlue
Memorable EventWedding at The Alegra Hotel, Chicago

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ExperienceDJ experience 8 years. Public speaking and corporate team leadership career. Can specialize in Latin and Country Music.
EducationUniversity of Illinois
Mike's ThoughtsConnecting with people, and contributing to their special day is why I enjoy being a DJ. Every show is just as important. Funniest thing I can remember is experiencing an elderly grandma break dance
1st LP bought wasDetroit Rock City (Kiss)
Favorite ColorBlack
Combines a warm and friendly personality with great microphone presence. His desire to make each party fun and exciting will make you pleased he is the DJ for your event. He is extremely cordial and works well with everybody to get it just right.
Memorable EventMilitary Ball at the Rosemont Convention Center

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ExperienceHas nearly 15 years of mobile experience. Marty has been active in the karaoke market over the past decade. Previously played bass guitar in cover and original bands in the Washington D.C. area.
EducationUniversity of Maryland (BS in Business)
Patricks's ThoughtsMy three kids think my being a DJ is cool. They also keep me current with new music, while I keep them up on the dance/club scene.
1st LP bought wasEleanor Rigby (Beatles)
Favorite ColorGray
StyleProfessional with the needed Interaction

I love to get to know my clients and cater to their specific tastes. While possessing an excellent knowledge of music and enjoying a wide range of tunes my favorite type is Techno. Very friendly and accommodating. I treat every event as special. Excellent on the mic.
Memorable EventHoliday Party at The Hard Rock Cafe

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ExperienceHas 7 plus years combined experience as a club & mobile DJ.
EducationChicago State University (BA)
Tracy's ThoughtsI love music and the effect it has on people at clubs & parties.
1st LP bought was
Favorite Color
Great knowledge of music both past & present along with a friendly & professional approach.
Memorable EventAn over the top surprise birthday party.

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Experience22 Years as a Mobile DJ for Windy City. Founder & president. Effective public speaker as a former college administrator & instructor.
EducationTrinity, Deerfield, IL (Masters Degree, Historical Theology)
Washington DC College (BA Education)
Gary's ThoughtsOne of the greatest challenges for me was on January 2nd a few years ago when we had the snowstorm for the ages where only 30 of 175 guests showed up and we still had a fantastic time. Funniest thing occurred when a five year old boy pulled the plug on the first dance.
1st LP bought wasLazy Crazy Days of Summer (Nat King Cole)
Favorite ColorPowder Blue
Believes that the opportunity to entertain guest with the greatest music of all time is a great privilege. Treats each event with special detail, care & enthusiasm. Has a superior knowledge of all music. Extremely Organized.
Memorable EventChicago Bears Parties in the Payton Center at Halas Hall

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Over the years it has become evident that our clientele not only possesses very diversified tastes in music, but also in the tone and atmosphere the Disc Jockey creates.


Our Disc Jockeys can interact with your guests in one of two ways:

The Interactive Disc Jockey

Actively interacts with the guests from behind the booth and on the dance floor. Will wear and/or share the appropriate prop hats and inflatables to give a visual look to match the music. Physically lead a line dance, form a party train, conduct a limbo and/or hoola hoop contest.

The Professional Disc Jockey

Predominately stays behind the booth without prop hats. Tastefully introduces the music, makes introductions and personalize requests. Will encourage participation via the mike for all selected events and dances. Does not perform skits, jump or dance on tables and never use foul or inappropriate language. Both approaches are personal, tasteful and enthusiastic.

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