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You make the calls with convenient and detailed online planning. To customize your event, first choose your type of celebration (Wedding Reception, Party or Bar/Bat Mitzvah). Then complete, save & submit each of your individual planning forms to us. Please submit the forms at least a month prior to your event. Your DJ will then review all the details with you either in person at our office or on the phone, whatever is better for you.

For individual song selections go to Music Database then to Optional Filters to look up different Music Categories on The Top 2,240 Songs of The 20th Century and The 21st Century Hits (2000-2019).

Please consider the amount of time to be allotted for dancing when making your music selections. On the average 17 to 18 songs are played per hour. Remember also to factor in time for guests requests if you so choose.


Wedding Reception



Events such as an; Anniversary, Birthday, Graduation, Reunion, Retirement, Company Function, Picnic, Holiday Party, School Dance, Block Party, Sock Hop, Fund Raiser or Theme Party.




The Following are vendors that both our clients and The Windy City Hitman DJs have had positive experiences with. Please support them and visit their websites by clicking on their links.

Banquet Facilities
maggianos.com (Chicago)
maggianos.com (Schaumburg)

Joliet Wedding Photography


FlowersBy Christine.com




Ice Sculpture

Bridal Consultants


For over 23 years The Windy City Hitman DJs have been committed to excellence in treating each client with the special care & attention they deserve. We will work together with you as a team in the planning & review process of each detail to ensure that your celebration will be most memorable for you & your guests.

After reviewing the material please feel free to contact us at any time. We would enjoy answering any questions and/or more fully explain our services. Consultations are encouraged, we would enjoy personally meeting with you at our Arlington Heights office any Monday thru Thursday morning, afternoon or evening by appointment.


What is Included:


  • Your choice of Cocktail, Dinner & Dance Music for up to 6 hours. No Extra Charge for Cocktail Music.
  • Experienced, formally attired college degreed Disc Jockey who is your Professional Master of Ceremonies/Coordinator performing all introductions & announcements and an on-call back up DJ.
  • On line party planning and/or written forms. www.windycityhitman.com/weddings
  • Mix on Apple iMac G5 Computers with a library of over 35,000 titles.
  • Fully backed up on site sound system including a 2nd identical Apple iMac Computer.
  • JBL self powered EON sound system.
  • 2 Microphones including a wireless microphone.
  • 2 hours advanced set up.
  • Fully insured for liability.

Go to the planning forms


  • 2 Experienced, formally attired Disc Jockeys who are college educated. One who is your Professional Master of Ceremonies who also is spinning the music. The 2nd is leading & coordinating all the games, dances & activities on the dance floor via a cordless microphone.
  • On line party planning and/or written forms. www.windycityhitman.com/bar-bat-mitzvah-forms
  • Mix on Apple iMac G5 Computers with a library of over 35,000 titles.
  • Fully backed up on site sound system including a 2nd identical Apple iMac Computer.
  • JBL self powered EON sound system.
  • 2 Microphones including a wireless microphone.
  • 2 hours advanced set up.
  • Fully insured for liability.

Go to the planning forms


  • Experienced, formally attired Disc Jockey who is college educated who is your Professional Master of Ceremonies/Coordinator performing all introductions & announcements and an on-call back up DJ.
  • On line party planning and/or written forms www.windycityhitman.com/party-forms.
  • Mix on Apple iMac G5 Computers with a library of over 35,000 titles.
  • Fully backed up on site sound system including a 2nd identical Apple iMac Computer.
  • JBL self powered EON sound system.
  • 2 Microphones including a wireless microphone.
  • 2 hours advanced set up.
  • Fully insured for liability.

Go to the planning forms


You and your guests will have fun showing off your talents or lack thereof. Performing either individually or as group Karaoke will only enhance the excitement and guest participation at your event. Great as an added feature to your dance party either during dinner or to break up dance time. You also might want to have a Karaoke party. Program includes collection of over 4,500 of the greatest Karaoke songs of all time to choose from. Monitor with the words displayed and 2 microphones included.

Go to the planning forms

View the Karaoke song list here


Events we have done include:

Richard L. Johnson & Assoc., Northwest Community Hospital, Warehouse Direct, C. H. Robinson, Steve’s Equipment Service, Federal Express Schaumburg, CRW, Little Sisters of the Poor, Schwann Foods, Mad Hatter Events, National Cosmotology Association, Premiere Radio Networks, Siemens, New Age Transportation, Baxter Health Care, Bank One, International Contractors, United States Navy-Great Lakes, Guarantee Reserve Life Insurance Company, MISP, Chicago Bears, Elgin Roofing, Disney, Black Diamond Plumbing, United Airlines, Great Bank Of Algonquin, GLMV Chamber Of Commerce, WMAQ Radio, Kankakee Country Club, Health World-Barrington, WLIT Radio, Toner Plastics, Fort James/Georgia Pacific, Marion Assoc., McKinney & Co. Inc., Humana, Gleeson-Sklar-Sawyers-Cumpata, Quotesmith.com, United Lift Truck, Motorola, O’Hare Airport Transit System (OATS), Catalina Marketing, Midwest Counsel Racing, Meyer Corporation, Body Builders Automotive, HNTP Corporation, ABC Plumbing, Lerner Newspapers, U.A.W. Headquarters, Allied Valve, Chiapetti Meat Co., A.A. Conte & Sons, Harry Rohde Management Systems, Salco Products, Association Of Illinois Accountants, Elmhurst Dental Care, RR Credit Union, Midwest Forestree, Doherty Construction, Dominicks Food Stores, Chicago Dental Society, Seaspar, New Horizon Center, Elmbrook Church, Horizon Marketing, Alpine Chapel, St. Joseph Friendship Cl., Your First Impression, Lake Forest Surgery, NVISIA

Northwestern University, Kendall College, Trinity Christian College, Barat College, Lewis University, Harper College, University of Illinois Chicago Circle

American’s Supporting American’s Dance, Benefit Salute for Illinois Veterans, City Of Wood Dale Diamond Jubilee, Merryville Childreno’s Christmas Party, Chicago Fire Fighters Union Annual Chilli Cook Off, Arlington Heights Chamber Of Commerce October Fest, Chicago Real Estate Executive Woman’s National Breast Cancer Benefit Off Lake Shore Drive, Hawthorne Race Track, Sportsmans Park, La Grange Festival, Countryside Festival, Chicago’s Oakley Italian Festival, Jillys of Chicago & Lake Geneva

Political Events:
Vice President Al Gore, Governor Jim Edgar, State Senator Dan Cronin, State Representative Anne Zickus

Oak Ridge Boys, Buckinghams, Ronnie Rice, Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, Chicago Rat Pack, Tony Ocean, Dakota, Issac Hayes, Big John Howell, Charlton Heston

Other Types of Events:
Wedding, Reunions, Anniversaries, Graduations, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Retirements, Block Parties, School Dances, Fund Raisers, Theme Parties, Celebrations.


Versatile lights respond to the beat of the music to turn your venue visually into a high energy night club event and/or can be programmed to function as tasteful colorful spotlights for an elegant and romantic touch. We will assign the combination of lights which match your desired taste (your package choice), size of room, height of ceiling, and number of guests.


Ego 1, 2, 3 & 4

The Ego Series of lights produce many different effects with over 200 different color combinations.

Variable color and rotation speed adjustment.


Martin Mania DC1 & 2

2 options;
1) You can enjoy a sea of tranquility or crank up a raging river with this effect with cool waves will wash through your crowd with an assortment of performance options.

2) For those who like a hotter look check out the flames of fire.



14 beams of white light continuously rotate like a saucer. Throws white beams of light across a large room.


Emerald Star

Green laser effect with 16 built-in geometric patterns that creates beams that bounce off 6 mirrors creating a large coverage area.









Gives a water flowing under the sea effect.



With 30 Criss-Crossing beams, the Mystic is ideal for a centerpiece or side effect.



The Progressor produces 40 multi-colored beams that rock back and forth to the beat of the music.



The Avenger produces 20 beams of multi color light that rotate back and forth to the beat of the music.



The Chameleon is a sound active moonflower effect. Featuring 9 colors plus white, and a special effect switch, which either gives a constant color changing effect or a sound active mode; the color wheel changes to the beat of the music, creating solid or split color beams.



The Charisma is a spectacular effect that gives the illusion of spinning patterns using 4 colors and 8 beams of light.



The Vertigo is ideal for mobile and club applications, the Vertigo produces 30 beams of multi-color light that rotate and crisscross back and forth to the beat of the music.



The most versatile effect for both slow and fast songs. A sound active Super moonflower effect with multi-colored dichroic colors and 7 patterns.



The Multi-Star has 5 heads that spin while the whole unit rotates. Each head has 15 lenses producing an incredible 75 beams of light. Each head produces a different color of light, which sets it apart from most other “multi colored” effect. This light is truly in a class by itself.



Elegant and Romantic slow moving ballroom effect. 1990’s mirror ball effect. Projects beams of light similar to 1970’s Disco effect.


Transform the Ordinary into the Extraordinary. Let us create the perfect atmosphere in your room!


LED Decor Uplighting

A series of lighting fixtures strategically placed throughout your ballroom that project elegant color beams of light from the floor on to the walls & ceiling which enhances the ambiance of your room in a sophisticated & stunning fashion.

Go to full page with additional photos & video:




Dancing Under the Stars


Bliss Lights will transforms your venue with an explosion of thousands of pin-points of light that look like stars of the universe, moving on unique trajectories to tickle your imagination as you sit back and absorb the beauty emanating from this lighting effect.

Go to full page with additional photos & video:



Image Scan – Name In Lights


Have your names or image projected in 16 different locations throughout the banquet facility in color. An added touch your guests will be talking about.

Go to full page with additional photos & video:



Each of our state-of-the-art sound systems are identical and company owned. The equipment is technically advanced so to produce clear, crisp, consistent and balanced sound without distortion. Each set up is clean and it is reliable. What you see is what you get.


The Windy City Hitman DJs mix on Apple Computers instead of with CDs.

We feature the Apple iMac G5, with a 17 inch screen, the most stable & user friendly computer around. It’s fully loaded with MegaSeg DJ mixing software, a superior application used by many radio stations nationally. Everything runs smoothly because the hardware and operating system are both designed by Apple, a synergy not possible with a typical PC.


The advantages of Digital over CD players are many:

  • Quicker ability to instantly locate & play specific songs titles from the entire music library.
  • An outstanding collection of titles, 35,000 plus selections, is brought to each event. We maintain an updated and diverse music library.
  • Lists of songs are conveniently categorized by type of music, title, artist, and year; great for playing musical sets, cocktail and dinner collections, theme parties, anniversaries, and reunions.


We have the ability to preprogram an entire celebration, from the cocktail music through the last dance as customized by our clients, while still allowing for the flexibility of the insertion of requests, skipping certain titles or just changing the order of songs during the party.


Songs have been edited; to eliminate unnecessary long build up and drop off times. We trimmed off the first 19 seconds of “I Will Survive from the original version. Guests need to be dancing, not waiting and standing around for a song to gain momentum. Features also include advanced sound effects & real-time beat mixing to seamlessly blend between songs without any dead air time during transitions.

There is now No chance for a CD to skip.


It provides a clean & sharp appearance. No CD cases or large CD decks.

Finally, digital technology frees up the DJ to be able to spend more time reading the crowd keeping the energy, excitement or romance going.


Ultimate Backup!

A second Apple Computer fully loaded with MegaSeg software & music is brought, to ensure confidence and peace of mind.

Unlike much of our competition we bring more than just an iPod or CD player as a backup.

For quality, all songs have been tested ahead of time. The collection has been carefully transferred from original CDs at a high bit rate, insuring the integrity & quality of each song. New titles are continually added from either original CDs or from iTunes to maintain top quality.


JBL Self Powered Speakers

Advanced DJ Setup featuring the new JBL G2 self powered EON series speaker systems.
New technically advanced, each individual speaker is driven by it’s own built-in bi-amped power for superior clear and crisp sound, balance of high and low frequency, flexibility & reliability. JBL is the audio industry’s most recognized and respected brand name producing equipment synonymous with precise naturally articulated sound in many of the world’s most prestigious arenas, concert halls and clubs.


Shure Cordless Microphones

Our cordless microphones let us go to where the action is and not always have it come to us. We can roam around your event all the while making the microphone accessible to our equipment.


We like to assist our clients with suggestions of popular songs. There is no better place to start than with the wonderful collections listed below. While the tunes listed are those most requested by our clients, they are but a small portion of our comprehensive music library. The lists are just the tip of the iceberg. If it is not listed, it does not mean that we don’t already have it or that we won’t get it. Remember we already own over 100,000 titles in our master collection! If you want it we have it or will get it.

Please use our music lists on our online planning form for assistance. You will be able to highlight and prioritize your favorites, add any songs not on the lists and/or note any of your do not play titles.



Please click on the category to see the list of songs:

View the Top 2,240 Songs of the 20th Century

View the entire 2000-2014 Hit List












World Music


Background Music (Dinner & Cocktail Suggestions)


Specialty Music






To see what other brides have said about Windy City Hitman, check out our reviews at Wedding Wire.

Wedding Wire – Bride’s Choice – 2012

Wedding Wire – Bride’s Choice – 2011



Did we make you happy? This is among the questions we ask of our customers. Each client is given the opportunity to rate Windy City in ten different areas including DJ performance, quality of sound and special effects. We believe that preparation, quality control and attention to detail are all vital to the success of each event. The following is a list of many of our happy clients over the past few years who have given Windy City permission to use them as references and who would enjoy talking with you:

Name/ OrganzationPhoneLocation
Bill & Tara (Cochran) Gral630-487-7346Makray Golf Club
Karen Sowinski847-913-8080Royal Melbourne Country Club
Scott & Kirsten (Weeks) Markwell773-316-1881The Allyn Mansion Inn
Dane & Heather (Brighton) Bildsten847-287-5627White Deer Run
Charles & Vanesa (Larsen) Strada708-731-4420Praire Street Brewhouse
Salute, Marybeth & Will224-567-2985Arlington Park Racetrack
Pete & Amy (Gray) Yurgaitis815-790-9697Cotillion
Vicki Deaton847-337-3737Pheasant Run
Ed & Mindy (Odom) Bluthardt847-487-0239Independence Grove
Justin & Melinda (Pich) Simon773-229-0591Brookfield Zoo
Alex & Alyssa (Underwood) DeWitt847-651-1885Royal Melborne
Carla Brookman847-322-9375Des Plaines Bandshell
Melisss & Jim (Whyte) Normoyle847-343-2972Bartlett Hills Counrty Club
Caitlin & Valery (Kendrigan) Nadjibe847-309-6588Metropolis
Kim Jensen847-618-6914Arlington Senior Center
Shelly Simmering, Foot Mechanics630-740-6331Downtown St. Charles
Warehouse Direct, Emile Ditrapan847-631-7134Avalon
Cathy Fegen, Ladies Aux Post 208847-322-0086American Legion Arl. Hghts
Bruce Jaime630-985-7809Alpine Banqts
Robert & Elizabeth (Krezios) Crooonborg847-951-3949Seville
Chuck & Kristina (Kamenceva) Bertler847-902-0335Chevy Chase
Aaron & Melisa (Holbach) Morris847-370-4317Poplar Creek
Robert & Candice (Richmond) Mueller912-227-1794Palos Country Club
Charlene Sheehan630-363-0459St. Andrews
Joe & Diana (Rogalski) Guyer847-894-6087Cotillion
Tom Beise, Fellowship Housing Corp224-353-6549Stonegate
Marcy Patterson847-729-0407Glen Club
Mark & Sara (Jett) Flahaven630-217-4392Cotillion
Rob & Lynn Casden847-599-1095Vehe Farm
Justin & Courtney (Magee) Serbus224-558-4850Westin Chicago Northshore
Emile Ditrapan, Warehouse Direct847-631-7134Avalon
Gustavo & Kristen (Krolicki) Plascencia847-340-1714La Villa
Dave & Ana ((O'Connell) Bartoszewski815-403-6615CafŽ la Cave
Duncan Clements, GM, Hotel Burnham312-762-3505Palomar Hotel
Dave & Jen Ciero847-208-0248Esplanade Lakes by Double Tree
Joe & Elizabeth (Marino) Ceglarek773-580-5122Bristol Court
Greg & Amanda (Mentz) Meola224-848-4436Hotel Allegro
Michael & Rachel (Lungren) Patterson847-804-3790Stonegate
Scott Ury, C.H. Robinson847-472-8609Renaissance Schaumburg
Betty Kondrat847-259-6170Atlantis Banquets
Sue Barrett, Nanophase Tech630-771-6704Alpine
Beata Luberda Goodman847-477-1071Atlantis
Dan & Renayle (Porter) Crew773-905-3224Garden Chalet
Cathy Fegen, Ladies Aux Post 208847-322-0086American Legion Post
Brian & Michelle (Eisenbeis) Klinke847-502-2825Onion Pub & Brewery
Ed & Jackie (Henrich) Small847-367-5283Drury Lane
Brian & Jill Block847-253-9679Wydham Suites Glenview
Justin & Suzy (Choi) Lee312-772-2402Holiday Inn Skokie
Bryan & Danielle (Willer) Foley847-708-7811Manzo's
Bill & Lindsey (Von Boeckman) Sustr847-253-8847Westin Chicago Northshore
Valerie Wisnoski708-906-4502DiNolfo's Homer Glen
Dan & Johnna (Moran) Roback630-956-0906Harry Cary's Lombard
Hector & Jessica (Jurasz) Avelar773-983-1595Independence Grove
Debra Frey248-650-2465The Ballroom
Steve & Maggie (Kettering) Pickering773-506-2055Hyatt Chicago
Daniel & Janet (Hill) Dee708-767-0182Bloomingdale Golf Club
Ted & Sharon (Claveria) Wilken847-357-0290Wellington
Brandon & Jackie (Sullivan) Wisinski815-529-5949Grand Ballroom Joliet Union Station
Chris & Cindy (Konopasek) Schwartz708-945-5121Renaissance Northbrook
Robert & Jenny (Manzzullo) McCarty773-410-1295Fountain Blue
Justin & Courtney (Melchin) Bissell847-899-7114Beau Jolie
Jon & Jamie (Yaros) Lighthall847-651-5509Grazie
Shelly Simmering, Foot Mechanics630-740-6331St. Charles 14th & Main
Brian & Deanna (Soper) Pinkelman812-345-7955Embassy Suites Chicago
Tim & Jessica (Kosanda) Anderson630-484-8505Grazie
Scott & Kristen (Anderson) Kimbrough847-346-6727Bartlett Hills Country Club
Scott & Paula (Beck) Collins708-383-3996Brookfield Zoo
Andrea Johnson773-531-0578Sunset Ridge
Peter & Natalie (Lindquist) Gillespie630-272-7741Drury Lane
Tom Beise, Fellowship Housing Corp224-353-6549Stonegate
Karl & Marna (Hensey) Cielak773-960-3663Orrington Hotel
Lenore Kelly847-478-5144Fiamma Pizza
Brian & Brenda (Vitalo) Heenan708-743-5448William Tell
Ryan & Amy (Waclawik) Flynn847-650-8387Deerpath Inn
Lauren Cooney, HR312-861-8315Mid-America Club
Barry & Holly (Larson) Mullan773-307-6985Casa Royale
Ralph & Emily (McReynolds) Barszcz847-258-4321White Eagle Banquets
Andrew & Aly (Pichardo) Oritz847-361-0173Casa Royale
Ryan & Gina (Rizzo) Wierema224-405-4550Lake Lawn Resort
Antonio & Jennifer (Jankovski) Medina708-691-4673Alpine Banquets
Aaron & Liza (Wesemann) Piper815-395-8110South Pointe
Mike & Amber (Dynek) Stanojevic847-208-5096Avalon
Jeff & Beath (Redzisz) Stamm847-687-1222Evanston Golf Club
John & Joanne (Dunphy) Flynn630-649-4948Makray Memorial Golf Course
Debbie Tharp708-345-8050 X317WS Darley
Kevin & Bridget (McNamara) Marano630-988-5856Grazie
Richard & Diana (Jack) Jepsen630-886-0773Seville
Dan & Heather (Schuhrke) O'Hara630-947-3163Pheasant Run
John & Denise (Perry) Gross708-606-2961St. Charles Country Club
Keith & Lauren (Degnan) Irwin847-997-2441Mid American Club
Nate & Jill (Donovan) Alden847-848-6533Marriott Lincolnshire
Leslie Gwynne630-584-1800Hilton Garden Inn, St. Charles
Ben & Whitney (Wilda) Swiercz815-485-4373Ruffled Feathrs
Andrew & Jennifer (Erickson) Teich815-455-0005Doubletree
Nick & Allison (Segarra) Hanen815-653-1926Holiday Inn Skokie
Merly Gerson847-781-9248Meridian
Brandon & Jamie (Gay) Strauss773-527-3681William Tell
Bennett & Nicole (Socha) Nelson224-653-9390Seville
Todd & Julie (Laxner) Montalbano630-284-9966Redfield Estate
Heather Tyrell303-917-8167Holiday Inn Crystal Lake
Dave & Courtney (Learnahan) Johnson847-401-5866Mission Hills
Dave & Natalie (Wingee) Sawyer312-623-2041Brookfield Zoo
Amit & Heather (Rutz) Patel847-331-0352Bartlett Hills Counrty Club
Joe & Heather (Constant) Schlosberg574-231-0441Armour House
Kim Jensen847-767-8434Arlington Heights Senior Center
Joel Carlsen630-245-6072Norris Center, Northwestern University
Charles & Catherine (Southworth) Munoz630-289-2949DiNolfo's Homer Glen
Rob & Joanna (Haskin) Regalado847-791-4101Arboretum Club
Alex & Heather (Reisner) Scarpelli847-924-1937Westin Itasca
Anthont & Angela (Laas) Cosenza630-404-7621Venuti's
Truvell & Bridget (Lauret) Crump773-472-5390Embassy Suites Chicago
David & Leah ( Range) Michaels817-239-9641Drake
Mike & Jennifer (Andrlik) Topolewski630-290-7185White Pines
Jose & Ann (Shen) Yu319-621-1688Hotel Orrington
Sharon & Fran Jakubka708-246-6271Holiday Inn Willowbrook
Eric & Lori (Kaflen) Meloy847-520-5211Cotillion
Mark & Julie (Browne) Brandt773-769-2423Gaelic Park
Matt & Kathy (Gach) Wyller708-351-2852Victoria's of Rosemont
Rich Gutierrez708-362-0594Chateau D'Amour
Luke & Robin (Becker) Colletti847-738-0398Venuti's
Brian & Tina (Iwicki) Karzen847-942-5700Westin Itasca
Matt & Jodie (Argeringer) Hemmer847-322-7191Cotillion Banquets
Bryan &Erin (Gaffey) Kolak630-461-2170Abbington
Kevin & Karen (Bukowski) Kolb708-227-3986Park Hyatt Chicago
Brian & Bernice (Granado) Follett312-318-2573Renaissance O'Hare
Dana Prezembel847-506-6999x7349South Middle School
Charles & Giana (Storck) Felish708-712-2460Allegra Banquets
Jackie Szymczak815-444-0979Holiday Inn Crystal Lake
Emile Ditrapani847-354-5574Avalon
Dave & Judy Seraphin630-466-4913Fisherman's Inn
Tasos & Valerie (Sanfilippo) Liosatos630-306-7127Pazzo's
Mike & Jessie (Hanks) Murray847-516-2126Randall Oaks
Eric & Emily (Kurts) Richert847-322-4674Double Tree Arlington Heights
Ryan & Therese (Naab) Louvar773-972-3385Hilton Garden Inn Chicago
Antwan & Melissa (Ignacek) Conley815-355-3200Sofitel Rosemont
David & Jennifer (Johnson) Wilmer847-837-0292Royal Melbourne
Stephen & Jennifer (Koriath) Lang847-845-9194Sheraton Hilton Arlington Heights
Debbie Tharp, Montini High630-530-5726Drury Lane
Jeremy &Christine (Nettenstrom) Salmi847-295-5000Glen Club
M. Kritzman, Glenview Ed. Foundation847-657-7006Chevy Chase
Rich & Lauaren (Dempsey) Brecklin847-409-4490Old Orchard Country Club
Adam & Meghan (Stretch) Wilinski815-547-8173Village Hall Banquets
John & Brianne (Donati) Kozar630-606-0778Gaslight Manor
Paul & Vicki (Anagnos) Matusik708-466-7564Embassy Suites Chicago
Aron & Mellisa (Brosnan) Chudnoff847-572-3246Beau Jolie
100th Anniversary Party708-345-8050WS Darley Co.
Brandon & Katie (Whiting) Middleton314-303-2661Independence Grove
Josh & Amber (Spitzer) Peacock815-790-7350Holiday Inn Crystal Lake
Drew & Julie (Beck) Severns847-259-4436Orrington Hotel Evanston
Jason & Liz (McGuire) Marchi773-774-1798Victorias
Nathan & Cara (Schragal) Frank773-320-2642Grazie
Kris & Carmen (Lange) Monaco847-451-5136Rosewood
Paul & Jolene (Fetters) Wasilewski815-385-3734Hotel Monoco
Russ & Holly (Knoll) Wood630-665-9081Oak Meadows
Manas & Erica (Lute) Mehandru312-643-5683Embassy Suites Chicago
Dominic & Emily (Wessman) Savino847-436-3650Mid-American Club
Erick & Jennifer (Hill) Neu773-343-0270Marcello's
Alex & Katie (Johnson) Coyle847-234-8257Shore Cress Country Club
Kristofer & Megan (Linden) Lankford630-625-5967Starved Rock Lodge
Mathew & Jillian (Mooney) Thompson847-337-7576Makray Golf Club
Martin & Kate (Pitlock) Klara630-484-6051Ruffled Feathers
Andy & Leslie (Swanson) McGauran734-272-3441Sunset Ridge
Matt & Theresa (Hadenfelt) Cates219-771-9857Hobart Elks Lodge
Nick & Krystyna (Aldape) Versetto708-275-1347Hickory Hills Country Club
Jeff & Anita (Burns) Alltop630-844-9527Fisherman's Inn
Troy & Cheryl (Caruso) Zimmerman630-220-8184Danada House
Javier & Angela (Stoll) Costantino312-404-0568Grazie
John & Lenore Kelly847-478-5144Royal Melbourne
Derek & Tammy (Johnson) Peon630-673-4778Bollingbrook Country Club
Robby & Jennifer (Liepitz) Dobbs630-631-1353Double Tree Arlington Heights
Sean & Megan (O'Mahony) Normile847-508-1382Marriott O'Hare
Joe & Sarah (Lopez) Voet773-566-6285Hotel Allegro
Jim & Stephanie Szewczyk773-589-2944Victoria's of Rosemont
Russ Talbot847-670-7009Knights of Columbus
Will @ Salute847-506-0729Arlington Park Trackside
Brian & Rebecca (Libby) Doyce630-802-7780Seville
Jim Mastakas Algonquin Tire Corp.773-704-1086Grazie
Stephanie Bertelsen847-870-5002Makray Memorial Golf Club
Dr. Alan Moltz847-843-3104Arboretum Club
John Berry847-928-6911Hotel Sofitel
Tyler & Kim (Wagner) Sweeney815-308-5455Barn Of Barrington
Bobby& Charmaine (Biederer) Klausner847-507-6053Estonian House of Chicago
Terence & Anna (White) Normoyle312-446-5930St. Andrews
Gary Hill708-246-2915Oakbrook Bath & Tennis Club
Carolyn Slone630-469-4593Hilton Lisle
Joshua & Kim (Gartner) Reitz708-301-5087Public Landing Lockport
Tom & Kim (Munkvold) Corr847-698-3833Grazie
Lisa Barham847-269-2385Hotel Sofitel Rosemont
Rick & Nicole (Weils) Pump847-683-3299Eagle Brook Geneva
Chris & Elizabeth (Igyarto) Glatt847-452-8829Holiday Inn Crystal Lake
Ed & Jamie (Gillett) Schillinger224-628-1858Old Orchard Country Club
Elio & Anita Buoni630-776-9650Oak Meadows
Dan Raispis704-340-8596Holiday Inn Itasca
Jeffrey & Nicole (Adams) Wilson773-934-5180Holiday Inn Elk Grove
Ellen Rarick847-459-3450Hackney's on Lake Glenview
Eduardo & Catherine (Cantagallo) Alcorta847-721-0635Grazie
Vincent & Stephanie (Grooms) Aquino847-385-8908Bristol Court
Judd & Lindsay (Baron) Holzman847-987-7525Avalon-Elk Grove
Andrew & Megan (Gillespie) Beatty708-369-0965Oak Meadows
Cassius & Julie (Heintzelman) Odei773-216-9924Winnetka Community House
Paul & Amanda (Goildstein) Zafiropoulos847-722-5642White Pines
William & Sierra (Shultz) Roberts708-505-4144Abbington
Bobbie Moore773-583-4174Biagio
Michael Mulligan847-310-2261Fisherman's Inn
Mark & Kathy (Ramatowski) Felski847-524-4139Seasons Long Grove
Alan & Beverly (Bruck) Kalas312-343-1269Maggiano's Schaumburg
Ben & Krissy (Ferrar) Carnehl847-359-7732Bristol Court
Casey & Bridget (Tyrrell) Regan708-524-0463Oak Park Country Club
Todd & Sarah (Carrozza) Terry208-430-3371Abbington
Chris & Tricia (Pruess) Sbertoli630-220-7999Alpine Banquets
Erik & Gina (Pascazio) Carlton815-301-5841Holiday Inn, Crystal Lake
John & Nancy (Chojnowski) Bagdonas630-212-6460Courtyard Warrenville
Scott & Sara (Messina) Vickers847-724-4828Winnetka Community House
Katey Korhonen708-932-8999Gaelic Park
Dennis& Angie (Milano) Selvaggio630-894-1964Lodge at Oak Brook
Jerry & Pam (Furch) Zawalski847-459-0562Amvets Post 66
Justin & Tracy (Tucker) Rapacz847-394-1440Grazie
Matt & Laura (Roach) Giardina269-429-5209Chicago Firehouse
Chuck & Loretta Orabutt847-827-7261Golf Center Des Plaines
Robert & Pat (Metzger) Noonan630-964-4529Alpine Banquets, Darien
Stephen & Sarah (Allen) Rogowski847-438-6017Seasons of Long Grove
Steve & Gina (Perfetto) Sochowski847-392-1243Belvedere
Nancy Farina630-231-4840Courtyard Warrenville
Erik & Katie (Mulligan) Pizer708-535-4386Gaelic Park
Kris & Lisa (Glasshagel) Jensen262-551-6430Holiday Inn Crystal Lake
Kevin & Katie (Senkpiel) Witenko773-540-3887Signature Room
Steve & Maggie (Voorhedt) Lefew815-212-0077Cliffbreakers
Janet & Tim (Caldwell) Minch630-561-1040Carlisle
Rob & Linsey (Schane) Pizzurro781-245-3292Hickory Hills Country Club
Severin & Meghan (Brighton) Griffiths847-293-7448Sheraton Arlington Heights
Todd & Sarah (Knoop) Mault815-592-1785Syl's Restaurant & Lounge
Tommy & Julie (Kasbeer) Hill847-444-2159Meson Sabika
Denny & Janet (Weitkunat) McGuirk414-349-5577Cuneo Museum & Gardens
Sean & Beth (Lukes) Fioritto520-820-8863Grazie!
Ernest & Michelle (Wilder) Wagner312-494-0200Omni Hotel Chicago
Bryan & Kristin (Jacox) Rosino773-329-3788Riverside Banquets
Michael & Ann Marie (Falk) Sekerak217-898-2012Kemper Lakes
Steve Marks (Wow 2006 conf)630-971-9420Embassy Suites State St.
Jean Rampage (Reunion)630-969-3221Holiday Inn Willowbrook
James & Elizabeth (Johmson) Stucker312-904-4869Glen View Club
Dr. Alan & Linda (Rolon) Moltz847-843-3104Arboretum Club Buffalo Grove
Charlie & Theresa (Carpenter) Vorderer847-269-8766Randall Oaks
Karen Chvojcsek847-594-1523Company Grounds
Tom Bernick630-894-0470Grazie
Brian & Debbie (Irvin) Shepherd847-230-0682Poplar Creek Country Club
Grant & Kate (Kennedy) Johnson815-529-8043Barn of Barrington
Jeff & April (Goldman) Diamond815-790-3301Mill Creek Banquets
Troy & Jill (DiGiacomo) Petersen773-247-1733The Chateau Busche
Brian & Amanda (Weglewski) Smaha847-417-9388Sunset Ridge Country Club
Kim Jensen847-618-6914Northwest Community Hospital
Doug & Donna Knox847-683-2750Village Hall Banquets
Ryan & Kelly (Fischrup) O'Shaughnessy847-209-0311The Seville
Tony Liotta847-903-5497Illinois Beach Resort
John & Alice (Alexander) Cusack708-952-4505Ridge Country Club
Andrew & Kelly (Taube) Sviatko630-854-5780Grazie!
Jim Roach800-541-2294Gaslite Manor Banquets
Stacey Splendoria815-648-1459Hilton Lisle
Sharlene Sherman847-955-1146Temple Moriah
Matt & Karen (Rogowski) Meyer847-791-5067Concorde
Rosa Diaz, F M Global847-430-7622Grazie!
Karen Chvojcsek, Kenmode Tool & Engineering847-658-5041 x123Company Party on Site
Marilyn Kumra847-947-7311Home
Eric & Nicole (Zieger) Kulaga630-202-4391 x204Grazie!
Adam & Kelly (Phelps) Carlin847-359-5780Cotillion Banquets
Chris & Anne (Moriarty) Bobkowski630-307-9919Bartlett Hills Country Club
Branson & Caitlin (Smith) Nickel618-659-3452Embassy suites, Chicago
Andrew & Carissa (Benedik) Wendt847-283-8363Bartlett Fireman's Hall
Derrick & Haley (Barrett) Burress847-256-1600Grazie!
Mike & Jan (McGee) Metzger708-216-3407Fishermans Inn
Matthew & Tiash (Milazzo) Saha847-438-1452Grazie!
Mark & Sandy (Aalskis) Pierantoni847-419-6517Meridian Banquets
David & Becky (Klein) Souliotis708-404-4393DiNolfo's Banquets
Catered Productions847-244-9301Viking Park
Mark & Jessica (Feffer) DaValle847-707-5392Meridian Banquets
Bob Anduck or Ed Faiella847-808-1200 x35Forest Preserve, Grove #1
John & Sharon Cheshire847-625-1954Home
Dan & Caron (Majerczyk) Jones630-776-0593Ashton Place
Karen Chvojcsek847-658-5041 x123Office
Samatha Jewell702-247-6930Fishermans Inn
David & Marzena (Gajek) Kohn312-252-1196Chicago Botanic Gardens
Bob & Rachael (Resk) Guzman630-527-0258Bartlett Hills Country Club
John & Chris (Dolak) Hills630-978-1792The Old Barn
John & Penny (Senra) Lestor847-722-9655Grazie !
Craig & Julia (Saineghi) Peters773-484-6795The Mid-America Club
Nick & Amanda (Dobner) Pagani847-526-6445Holiday Inn, Gurnee
David & Meghann (Walsh) Haisch847-553-6414Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Philomena Jackson847-274-6102Via Veneto
Scott & Leah (Steele) Stephan630-258-7857The Milk Pail
John & Kristin (Sweet) White773-391-3913Lake County Museum
Michael & Cindy (Deerfield) Murrin847-398-3885Old Orchard Country Club
Donna McCollum630-904-8308Long Island Sound Banquets
Dean & Karen (Popke) Kouzes847-571-7887Chateau Rand
Matt & Stefanie (Marovich) Horne847-683-9894Villa Olivia Country Club
Ruth Mahoney708-923-1606Chantilly Banquets
Scott & Denise Vondracek630-717-0260Courtyard Banquets
Steve & Kimberly (Jackson) Gardens630-973-9494Wyndham Gardens
Greg & Laura (Henry) Schwelitz847-895-3505Chandler's Banquets
Lee & Devon (Snyder) Grimm847-639-0651Park Place
Lisa Quaranta847-945-6997Valley Lo Country Club
Jason & Andrea (Mader) Siracusa904-612-2869The Carlisle Banquet Hall
Rick McMahon847-839-3716Holiday Inn Express
Mark & Jan Levin847-255-5857Bristol Court Banquets
Marge Walsh847-875-7702Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
Bob Andrek847-808-1200 X3564Chevy Chase, Denshire Room
Jennifer McMahon847-631-7134Old Orchard
Scott & Monica (Grotegut) Kilgren773-213-8503Marriott Chicago O'Hare
Mark & Diana (Setzer) Smetters847-740-9415Country Squire
Brian & Celeste (Schultz) Lapinskas847-645-1778Barlett Hills Golf Club
Richard L. Johnson815-822-0100Bob Chin's
Donna Smith847-669-3802Meridian Banquets
Clyde & Alona (Gomez) Ricana847-671-0765Four Points Sheraton Hotel
Tom & Christine (Rasmussen) Stapleton847-593-0360Garden Terrace
James & Julie (Sullivan) Doherty630-782-0166River Forest Country Club
Steve & Jennifer (Sinclair) Jones847-368-1480Holiday Inn, City Center Chicago
Nathan & Nicole (Schuler) Gottschalk847-264-0554Chateau Rand
Jeff & Brigid (Fennessy) Baffico312-649-1833Beaujolie
Robert & Katherine (Mikolajczyk) Serio708-598-5478Alpine Banquets
John & Amanda (Henderson) Murphy847-705-1254Sears Tower
Noel & Cori Zimmerman773-960-0114Sears Tower
Steven & Nicole Johnston630-783-0391Seven Bridges Golf Club
Scott & Malissa (Michaelides) Szwiec847-954-0401Renaissance Chicago North Shore
Jeff & Stacy (Hachigian) Fulkerson847-698-3850Grazie!
LJ & Kim (Grinnell) Marak815-444-9636Holiday Inn, Crystal Lake
Ryan & Christy (Wells) Jacox847-567-1735Poplar Creek Country Club
Jeff & Linda Grimm847-312-6179Lamirage
Perry Steinhandler847-517-4000Newberry Library
John & Leah Richardson720-840-7300Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
Matthew & Alanna Backus773-255-0260Odyssey Country Club
Ralph & Jan Ten Bruin847-639-2900 x125Abby Resort, Fontana WI
Rosanne Pasakarnis815-254-8402Fisherman's Inn
Julie Agasi847-821-0430Home
Mark & Mimi (Meehan) O'Henley773-655-1004Grazie!
Chris & Joann (Ornelas) Bauer312-583-0277Crown Plaza Allerton
Matt & Becky Polley847-341-3026Wellington
Michael & Magan (Johnson) Buchanan815-382-2636Hyatt Woodfield
Scott & Jackie (Schmidt) Walton847-272-3484Chevy Chase, Denshire Room
Nick & Rikki (Horn) Rodriguez630-493-0133Alpine Banquets
Andrew & Leah (Glomski) Kamm630-548-9574Long Island Sound Banquets
Brian & Michaela (Graham) Cavanaugh630-789-5162DiNorelos, Mokena
Lenore Kelly847-325-4450 x237Enzo-Lucia
Raymond & Carol Uzumecki630-443-2572Fisherman's Inn, Cove room
Chris & Heather Michalides847-858-8147Itasca Country Club
Brian & Carrie (Fogarty) Stange815-886-1810Prairie Bluff Golf Course
Justin & Sarah (Nejdl) Hines815-788-1983Hyatt Woodfield
Larry & Christine (Walker) Tosh309-827-5066Raddison, O'Hare
Michael & Alexandra (Moreno) Gory815-342-2695Hilton Oak Lawn
Mark & Mellissa Jarotkiewicz773-467-0709Wellington
Kathy Heinrich773-286-7365The Grove
Paul & Susan Patterson708-485-0868Home
Chris & Britta (Rice) Woods847-635-0065Sheraton, Rosemont
Chris Caritinos847-438-0362Hotel Sofitel
Eden Entertainment773-237-0195Hyatt O'Hare
Catering director: Marjorie847-292-3504Double Tree, Rosemont
Donna Tentler847-317-7855Lincolnshire Marriott
Scott Anderson847-475-7766Merles BarBaque
Patric & Jackie (Urry) Hannigan815-729-1547Chantilly's
Sonny & Jennifer (Gurgone) Domingo312-640-6731Pitzaferros
Charles & Collen (Cantin) Triana708-301-1667Drake
Warehouse Direct, Jennifer McMahon847-631-7134Old Orchard
Joe & Sarah (Wilson) White847-538-8102Catillian
Northwest Community Hospital, Kim Kurutz847-618-7218Wellington
Joe & Mary Beth (Tyska) Sorquist415-516-3093Embassy Suites, Rosemont
David & Heather (Oakes) McKenna847-259-8132Barn of Barrington
Jill & Brian (Henderson) Speizer847-537-3120Kemper
Jaclyn & Bill (Oriole) Meyer847-537-5286Westin, Rosemont
Eva Belavsky847-676-4094Via Veneto
Chris & Nicole (Pierini) Bowlin847-866-7386Glen Club
Paul & Melissa (Vaca) Berg847-695-9552Seville
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Stone847-438-1529Maggiano's, Schaumburg
Luis & Rachael (Groharing) Aguirre630-554-5484Holiday Inn, Itasca
Michael & Barbara (Adamczuk) Cosentino773-774-2474Old Orchard
John Rogerson, Algonquin Middle School847-824-1205School
Richard Johnson & Ass., Michelle Clinton815-398-1231Embassy Suites, Chicago
Patria Partners, Lupe Rojas708-267-6185Idlewild Country Club
Fritz & Judy (Gerkin) Sinkozits847-639-2988Holiday Inn, Crystal Lake
Mike & Emily (Schultz) Yang773-404-0332Abbington
Jeff & Kelly(Sweitzer) Hynd847-359-0629Villa Olivia
Miguel & Sandy (Fregin) Arevalo847-624-9098Indian Lakes
John & Sara (Tieman) Harris773-929-9401Wellington
Soo & Janet (Hahn) Choo847-498-6814Lincolnshire Marriott
Mike & Sandy (Lynch) Sesterhenn847-934-3482Arboretum Club
Shirley & Matthew Sprenzel847-398-5876Chatau Rand
Larry & Cindy (Capouch) Jochum708-449-2426Alpine Banquets
Mark & Cathy Beckwith773-792-2128White Eagle
Brian & Emily (Riddle) Ulbert630-781-7789Danada House
Mike & Aileen (McGarahan) Malczynski630-833-7518White Pines
David & Taryn (Spair) Jarvis630-233-2470Danada House
Mark & Gail (Pearson) Fedo847-812-1342Wellington
Michael & Tina (Beaird) McMorris773-348-3838Danada House
Frank & Carol(Herron) Sedivy847-854-9049Holiday Inn, Crystal Lake
Sean & Michelle (Darrow) Smyth773-398-6512Hotel Intercontinental
Dave & Rayelen (DeGuzman) Bowers847-947-0164McDonald's Corporate Hdqs.
Tom & Amanda (Shoemaker) Wright630-213-0523Crowne Plaza-Elgin
Jeff & Jaimie (Pierczynski) Troutman773-545-7939Avalon
Brian & Stacey Paruch773-665-7981Salvatores
Matt & Megan (Kerr) Verden847-438-0015Embassy Suites, Schaumburg
Kevin & Kathy (Neville) Kummer630-832-8006Ritz, Niles
Matt & Sissy (DeLavega) Reese630-834-5102Karrington Country Club
Brenda Rouse410-734-7874Doubletree Palatine
Jacob & Jennifer (Ide) Fetters847-397-8742Schaumburg Marriott
Brian & Amy (DeHaven) Wiedenhoeft773-972-1485Mill Creek Gold Club
John & Melisa (Lowry) Hardecopf217-637-2157Fishermans Inn
Barrington Jr. Woman's Club, Stephanie Proebsting 847-526-8579Health World, Barrington
Ted & Catherine (Durkin) Stewart603-252-1606Union League
Ann Thomas847-587-1359Country Squire
Carey & Donna (Fong) Young312-405-1215Ramada Plaza Hotel O'Hare
Jeff & Heather (Saillor) Pellicie630-362-2622Schaumburg Marriott
Eric & Ann Marie (Wilshe) Lutsch847-577-8254Meridian Banquets
Crystal Lake South, Class of 83, Hollie Free 847-382-8502Crystal Lake South
Dino & Kelly (Irwin) Angelos847-965-2636Concord, Kildeer
John & Tricia (Siegfried) Carzoli815-334-1269Holiday Inn Crystal Lake
Chad & Eileen (Degnan) Arsich312-563-9533Ridge Country Club
Helen Miner / Little Sisters of the Poor773-935-9600Little Sisters of the Poor
Colin & Danielle (Zdon) Black815-344-3868Embassy Suites, Schaumburg
Neal & Jennifer (Pascasio) Jacobsen847-632-0507Lincolnshire Marriott
Brian & Stephanie (Johnson) Klemesrud815-648-2830Concord Center
Fred & Sara (Benka) Nowak815-332-9856Grazie!
Brian & Cassandra (Lewis) Peters815-385-4752Country Squire
Rich & Maggie(Hanigan) Gasparaitis847-359-4886Royal Melbourne Country Club
Jason & Gina (Scaletta) Pierce312-424-0420Monistro's
John & Terri (Johnson) Kravarik440-715-5310DiNolfo's
Jason & Michelle (Mrkota) Feierstein847-577-6064Lincolnshire Marriott
Tom & Amy (Tatkowski) Noto847-972-1157Wellington
Glen & Katie (Krempels) Rack847-537-1200Concord
Bob & JoAnne (Kerwin) O'Toole847-537-6344Willowbrook Ballroom
David & Katie (Gill) Flores773-251-7855Metropolitan Club
Herb & Linda Hasenfang630-268-8560The Terrace, Lombard
Ryan and Megan (O'Neill) Rosenthal773-881-4967Palos Country Club
Laurie Ruethmann847-832-9838Hackney Lake, Glenview
Pat & Kristin (Czarra) Walsh847-956-8164Embassy Suites, Schaumburg
IL School of Prof. Psychology, Rachel Lane Caufield847-290-7400Hyatt Schaumburg
Midwest Forestree, Lynn Magoon 847-426-6354Crowne Plaza-Elgin
Louis & Amy (Kuhlmann) Sedivy630-649-6549Danada House
Steve & Beth (Pennock) Fuller708-460-5423DiNolfo's
Black Diamond Plumbing, Pati Sperando 815-444-0979Holiday Inn Express- Palatine
Guarantee Reserve Life Ins. Co., Cheryl Lockwood708-730-8709Visual Ctr. For Performing Arts
New Age Transportation, Jenny Talley 847-545-9200Hyatt Regency, O-Hare
John Witt773-238-0815Meridian Banquets
Donna Cosme847-961-6999Seville Streamwood
Kevin & Lesley (McCarrher) Duffy815-578-2625Hyatt, O'Hare
Steve & Julie (Purpura) Monk847-885-9886Hyatt, Schamburgh
City Of Wood Dale, Barb McCauley630-350-0099Oak Meadows
Chris & Raiza Pietramale847-358-3796European Crystal Banquets
Gregg & Laura (Dudley) Wright630-963-0467Holiday Inn, Willowbrook
MISP, Terry Mueller or Leighton Clark847-259-3555Holiday Inn, Willowbrook
Kiawanis, Judy Moutvic630-810-1166Holiday Inn, Willowbrook
Garrett & Tiffany (Gust) Phillips303-455-8110Lake County Meusem
Robert & Jayna (Oakes) Frett847-639-0359Holiday Inn, Crystal Lake
Dustin & Angela (Carr) Hogan815-578-1637McHenry Country Club
Sue Duchek847-951-5804Home
Mark & Dana (Morhlein) Anderberg847-223-5455Lake Lawn
Nate & Joanna (Woods) Stover630-845-3430Hilton Garden Inn, St. Charles
Ryan & Shelia (Harney) Benson847-697-8892Crowne Plaza, Elgin
Andy & Leigh Ann Barnett815-477-2553Home
Mike & Julie (Justmann) Trautt847-531-5681Concord
Aaron & Debbie (LaBounty) Krause303-894-0124Danada House
Dave & Debbie Seiller847-541-5108Embasst Suites, Schamburgh
Tony & Denise (Kamps) Kosinski847-590-8606Rolling Green
Nancy Clark847-392-1936Wyndam, Itasca
Rob & Laura (Nickerson) Kiely630-551-0921Riverside Receptions
Tim & Susan Rozhon630-750-3330Fishermans Inn
Chris & Nicole Schneider847-202-8063Mill Creek, Waucanda
Geoff & Felicia (Vollmann) Pautsch847-676-1850Harrison Manor House
Carl & Cindy Post708-456-2912Watercress
John & Christina (Wong) Morrison801-293-9231Hotel Allegro
Jose & Jennifer Santiago312-375-1300Maggiano's
Scott & Heather Sweet815-455-1949Holiday Inn Crystal Lake
Greg & Jamie (Wolfgram) Starzyk847-458-1448Grazie
Todd & Tammany Newton847-961-6353Cuneo Museum & Gardens
Mike & Ginger (McHugh) Kurtz630-404-2309Cadillac Ranch
Mark & Dana DeLaVega214-485-2798Grazie
Dave & Miel Johnson847-583-9280Bull Valley Golf Club
Frank Ventresco847-891-6146Altivilla
Brian & Jennifer (Leone) Hora847-639-3962Concord
John & Sharon Cheshire847-625-1954Home
Jeff & Amy (Santa Ana) Destefano630-693-3193Shearaton For Points O'Hare
Patric & De De (Kuehn) Bergner847-439-1632Valley Lo
Michael & Joann Imparato773-247-7975Alessandro's
David & Jennifer (Glumm) Ratkovich847-490-0163Indian Lakes
Patric & Janine Rodriquez773-262-5040Chateau Ritz
Michael & Valerie Gough773-935-0602Diplomate West
Tom & Carol (Eastman) Bowman847-870-7899Wellington
Steve & Joann (Talarico) Roth847-577-4621Track Side
Ted & Jessica Buczek630-539-1941Indian Lakes
Dave & Amy (Dondzila) Ross630-789-6722Lake County Meusem
Sheree Walter847-497-9102Home
Aaron & Laurie (Poch) Wishnoff847-679-5587Mission Hills
Tyler & Ellen (DiPitro) DeFend773-868-4795Wellington
Jeremy & Rebecca (Matuszewski) Covell630-963-3307South Point Center, DeKalb
William & Cathleen Wunschl847-658-4161Park Place
Linda Chodan847-854-4540Milrose
Brent & Julie (Beitler) Leech630-584-7844Mill Creek Country Club
Alex & Lisa (Hand) Flerra815-577-6204Long Island Sound Bqts
Dan & Shanon (Cook) Chigi815-372-8963Alpine Bqts. Darien
Jay & Julie (Hassler) Wattenberg630-319-3872Rosewood
Dawn Nequin, Broadview Class of '77773-463-6225Double Tree, Rosemont
Jason & Kristi (Musson) Fredrick630-554-6550Carriage Green
Dr. Marc & Julie (Walker) Spiller773-454-7925Maggiano's
Brian & Gerianne (Kiel) Cygan847-719-1159Lake County Meusem
Eddie & Tabitha (Keifer) Arguelles773-775-9375Beau Jolie
Mark & Erin (Frederick) Polis847-458-8955Lake Lawn
Rob & Heidi (Fredrick) McMahon815-254-3557Altivilla
Sandeep & Pamela(Quigley) Devata312-655-0651Abbington
St. Mathews Church, Molly847-297-5898St. Mathews Church
Kiawanis, Bill McMahon630-990-0400Kiawanis Hqd., Oak Brook
Michael & Kathy Pittman847-392-9099The Barn
John & Alma-Marie Graf847-781-0969LaMirage
Sandi McMahon847-428-3000Crowne Plaza Elgin
Mark & Brenda Karhoff312-286-7583Rock Bottom Brewery
St. Mary Of Freemont, Mary Jean Johnson847-837-1817St. Mary
Brian & Serena Dicianni630-350-7836Drury Lane
Johnathan & Joanne Grandt847-526-3388Metropolis
Mark & Brenda Edens847-356-8319Concorde
Sarah Rohloff773-736-0744Hilton Northbrook
Jon & Carey Hunt217-332-0269Lake County Museum
Bill & Silvana Thomas847-827-2113Hotel Sofitel
JP & Kristine Palladino847-688-9684Illinois Beach Resort
Kristi Boucher813-785-4368FishermanÕs Inn
Barrington Jr. Woman's Club, Tracy Bishop847-381-6454Dragons Lair
Bob & Melissa (Busse) Stakes815-334-9069Golf Club Of Illinois
Jason & Amy (Brown) Buckley630-851-7102Lincoln Inn
Kiwanis, Judy Moutvic630-810-1166Holiday Inn Willowbrook
Dale & Jennifer Peters630-736-1419William Tell
Sanborn School, Karen Proctor847-934-4973Sanborn Elem. School, Palatine
Steve & Jackie Shimanski847-813-6537CafŽ La Cave
Jim & Shannon Daley847-515-3752Holiday Inn Carol Stream
Courtny Donninger847-223-8149Bull Valley Golf Club
Tim & Natalie (Tam) Hoff547-487-7038Lake County Museum
Health World, Karen Arnold847-842-9100Health World Barrington
Ron & Kathy (Hebert) Roark847-827-1737Golden Flame
Tom & Jane (Schultheis) Thompson847-608-6851Chandlers
Matt & Courtney (Prokop) Regole847-854-4088Stonegate
Jason & Berni Waller773-286-4045Victoria's
Tani & Angela (Mitchell) Ojeda815-728-0189Ramada Inn, McHenry
Todd & Lisa (Szukala) Metzger773-478-4346Country Squire
Jim & Lisa (Zimniak) Kunde630-240-8530Cliffbreakers
Donald & Marcia (Heatherly) Hahn815-385-3251Hunter Country Club
Rich & Melissa (Verner) Rados630-377-0006Danada House
Steve & Ericka (Brown) Rice630-966-9079Patrick Haley Mansion
Eric & Jessica (King) Bersted773-477-4529Deeters
Michael & Jeanette (Dazzo) Hebel630-497-3982White Pines
Tom & Jennifer (Bonafede) Rawls630-620-4872Holiday Inn, Carol Stream
Kirk & Laura (Pederson) Schlecker847-255-7405Grazie!
Honey Levitt847-875-7718Home
Jim & Mary (Kriete) Burggraf815-338-0107Concorde Ctr., Woodstock
Jim & Lisa (McNaughton) Dietrich847-392-7570Grazie!
Beau & Erin (Dalzell) O'Hara312-742-0970Westin O'Hare
Dave & Stephanie (Diamond) Fasking815-344-3755McHenry Country Club
Steven & Teresa (Alva) Rioux630-961-0172Bull Valley Golf Club
Dan & Becky (Chappell) Sellek815-444-6732Johnsburg Community Ctr
Ryan & Ellen (Luehrs) Kennedy815-455-8340Concorde, Kideer
Jason & Tina Wertz561-333-8955Holiday Inn, Willowbrook
Sean & Dawn (Bonanno) Hebein630-469-1636Villa Olivia
Toner Plastics, Steve Graham800-723-1792Hyatt, O'Hare
Chuck & Jennifer (Mehl) Simon630-971-0107Wyndam, Lisle
Al & Erin(Keegan) Schroeder847-573-0647BraeLoch Grayslake
Philip & Erin (Sutterlin) Mondrowski773-348-8013Chicago Fine Arts Exchange
Peter & Carol (Hohut) Mueller847-253-5828Wyndam, Itasca
Scott & Stephanie (Taylor) Lewis815-344-9441BraeLoch Grayslake
Nick & Heather (Haiges) Tsihlis847-945-5694Wilmett Country Club Terrace
Bryan & Lori Kroten702-643-4343Hyatt Lisle
Michael & Julie Yohn815-568-6895Barn, Marengo
Ray & Bernice Pradzinski630-213-3262Bartlett Hills Country Club
Tony & Kirsten Affolder773-327-9755Diplomate West
Marshall & Mary Gibson815-459-5087Del Webb
David & Lisa (Krzywy) Weber630-351-0928Catillian
Matt & Jamie(Plesha) Frazier847-371-3141Drury Lane Oak Brook
Double Tree, Karen Karahalios847-292-3523Double Tree North Shore
Jason & Laura(Gasper) Lagerhausen815-459-3509Holiday Inn Crystal Lake
Gleason, Sklar, Swayers & Cumpata, Attn: Lisa312-899-4460Double Tree Rosemont
Jason & Debra Meyers847-783-0818Holiday Inn, Itasca
Rock Bottom Brewery312-755-1677Rock Bottom Brewery
Chris Jacobson847-658-3260Holiday Inn Rolling Meadows
ABC Plumbing, Gordon Schroll847-419-1002Double Tree Rosemont
Maxine Wilkoff847-673-0111Westin Rosemont
Paint Me A Party, Rhonda O'Neill312-666-1200Harrison Conf. Center
Steve & Tina Plichta847-867-3789Seasons
Todd & Karen Brandt773-281-4910Home
Sandy & Peter Waxman847-866-9156Wilmett Woman's Club
Ted & Cindy Stark847-517-7288Itasca Country Club
Jeff & Samantha Plesniak708-425-2298Chateau Bu-sche
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Terry & Becky Stefanik847-639-0129Seville Streamwood
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Dan & Molly DaValle847-816-8319Rob Roy
Jason & Susan Sikorski708-458-6149Alpine Bqts. Darien
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Eric & Catherine Miarnowski847-679-5587Jolly Inn
Dan & Amy Armes262-552-8087Midlane Wadsworth
Troy & Nereida Burkard708-345-5386Maya Resteraunt
Sherry Dalgaard847-356-1777Illinois Beach State Park
Ken & Leisa Hancock773-271-4300Evanston's Womans Club
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John & Beth Zarring847-695-5607Bartlett Hills Country Club
Tim & Therese Gallivan630-428-0982Hyatt Lisle
Linda McGill847-825-0144Rosemont School
John & Nancy Miklovis651-736-2373Evanston's Womans Club
Dan & Christine Coleman847-367-7178Old Orchard Country Club
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Mark & Michelle Quilhot630-427-0055St. Charles Place
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GLMV Chamber of Commerce847-680-0750Ivanhoe Club
Kathleen Chambers773-585-1063Lexington House
Sandy & Norm Lewis815-385-9125Johnsburgh Community Center
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Michael & Virgina Daichendt630-627-3227The Terrace
Your First Impression, Diana Morgan630-654-4934Inland Meeting & Expo Center
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Chad & Cori (Propheter) Smith815-284-7535Rock River C C Rock Falls
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Mike & Kelley Rivers847-705-6247Seville Streamwood
Dr. Jeff & Jeannie Strandholm920-465-4816Club House at 650 W. Rand
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Dr. John & Judy Salmen815-236-0517Manzos DesPlaines
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Midwest Forestree, Lynn MaGoon847-634-6354Hob Nob Crystal Lake
Doherty Construction, Julie815-334-8300Concorde Woodstock
Lerner Newspapers, Cathy Edens773-267-2533Raddison Lincolnwood
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Erica Roscoe630-236-8153Phoenix Club Aurora
Sue Johnson414-534-3651Holiday Inn Crystal Lake
Mr & Mrs Henry Rath847-438-5875Concorde Palatine



We encourage written feedback from our clients so that we can fairly evaluate our performances. This way we can say with confidence that we know that we are good and not have to guess that we are. Check it out.

* Wonderful! Everything was ready to go when we got to the banquet hall and Windy City Hitman (WCH) kept us dancing all night!! — Rikki & Nick Rodriguez

* Wonderful! Our D.J. was just the best! We felt at ease after speaking with him. The music was perfect all night, the dance floor was full all night and I barely left the dance floor myself. Words cannot describe how much fun everyone had! I have been told it was the best wedding many had ever been too and I believe that music plays a significant part of that! Thanks so much! WCH, you were great about returning phone calls promptly and thoroughly answering all my questions. Additionally by having numerous pages of possible songs really eased my mind-I liked that we could literally pick out songs we loved and wanted to hear. And your ideas such as the kissing game-so fun! — Tina & Michael McMorris

* Our WCH D.J. was very energetic, cooperative and kind. A pleasure to work with. Thank you so much, everyone keeps complimenting us on how wonderful WCH were. — Joann Talarieo Roth

When our daughter (Joann) told us that she wanted a D.J. at her reception we were a bit skeptical. The label D.J. brings to mind loud and obnoxious men who go around and make themselves a nuisance and play their music so loud you cannot talk to the person next to you. We were pleasantly surprised. WCH played a variety of music during dinner that was always in the background. Everyone had a great time dancing and the volume was never too loud. If you ever need a recommendation, do not hesitate to call. We had a great time! — Mrs. J. Talarieo

* We were so very pleased with the services WCH provided for our wedding! Everyone was very impressed with music and professionalism! I am extremely pleased with our choice! Thank you for making our wedding so successful! — Jennifer & Brian Hora

* Spectacular-We loved the music, the sound, bubbles, the interaction with the guests…A fabulous time had by all! WCH truly was the “hit” of the party! Thanks WCH! — Sharon Cheshire

* Excellent-we liked your ability to respond to “instant” requests. We would like to use your services next year. — Creative Transitions, LTD.

* Thank you for making our holiday party a hit. Everyone enjoyed the music selections! We will definitely keep you in mind always J. Our D.J. was great and very personable. — Marjorie Fierro

* It was a great experience-our WCH D.J. was excellent! Everyone was dancing and he really kept everyone on the floor. Our D.J. played good dance tunes! Additionally, our D.J. put up with requests at the spur of the moment. He handled it great. Thanks for everything! THANK YOU TONS! — Rodrigues Family

* Our WCH D.J. was excellent! He played a great mix of music and got everyone dancing. We received several compliments on our choice of WCH D.J. service and the professionalism our D.J. exhibited. We would recommend WCH over and over to our friends! Thanks for making our wedding so special! — Kevin & Lesley Duffy

* The whole experience was fantastic. The WCH were courteous and professional and the sound was excellent! I would have no problem recommending them. — Mark De La Vega

* Everything was just perfect. We have received many compliments about how great the music was and how well you presented it. Mark and I were so happy to see the dance floor full all night long. We could not have asked for better. Thanks WCH for helping to make our day perfect and the great memories! — Brenda & Mark Edens

* The combination or the music selections were great. People we thought would leave after dinner, stayed and danced until the very end! Thank you WCH for a great evening!! — Michelle & Barry Whaples

* Wonderful! WCH made our night perfect with the music. WCH was all about us that night. — Tina & Jason Wertz

* WCH worked very hard at fitting in all our personal requests. We wanted a lot in a short amount of time but WCH did it all and we thank you! Also, WCH worked well with live music-that was great, too! WCH deals very well with a stressed and over tired bride. — Teresa & Steve Rionx

* The WCH made our wedding reception more than we had ever dreamed of. You guys did an excellent job. If we ever need a DJ in the future, we know who is first on the list!! Thanks Again WCH! — Laura & Jason Lagerhausen

* It could not have been better. Everything we asked for and more. “Lights, Music, Action”! WCH was Great! — Dave & Stephanie Fasking

* I referred WCH to our church-Willow Creek Community Church. Our WCH DJ played the music exactly exactly the way we requested. It was wonderful!!! Thank you, WCH, thank you! — Mrs. Gail Rath

* WCH was very professional, and wonderfully custom tailored to our event! — Chris Novak

* Our WCH DJ was extremely professional, friendly, and highly organized. We made the right decision when we chose the WCH! Also, the rate was very reasonable for such a quality service. Thanks WCH! — Seth & Alena Shifrin

* My experience with WCH was wonderful. Our WCH DJ kept us informed of what he was doing so we did not have to worry about the music at all. — Stacy and Chris Chism

* WCH were extremely organized, and friendly! — Jessica Heinze

* WCH was the BEST we could ever have imagined! — Kathy & Ron Roark

* Our WCH DJ was very accommodating. We had a pretty specific play list and our WCH DJ did a great job playing all of them. — Kristine & JP Palladino

* WCH was very professional and nice. We did not have to wonder or worry about whether the DJ would do a good job or not. Thanks WCH! — Kristen & Kevin Stefek

* Our WCH DJ was very flexible and gracious with our Spanish requests. We knew that we would not be disappointed. J Thank you! — Nereida & Troy Burkard

* Awesome! Our guests are still raving about the excellent choice of music. WCH you listened to what the bride and groom wanted and then produced! — Susan & Joe Enzenbacher

* WCH created a fantastic, seamless display of music. A movie is not a movie without a musical score, and the picture that was painted with all our music will by unforgettable! Thank you WCH for a perfect contribution to our wedding day!! — Gina and Kevin Bacci

* The Video and Literature, that WCH provided, sold us. It made our decision making easy! We will always recommend you! — Kevin and Patti Malone

* WCH was great, fun, friendly, professional, everyone had a great time, thanks. We will use WCH again! — Joanne McGhee

* Our WCH DJ was wonderful! So many of our guests commented on what a great job he did. We were very pleased. Thank you! — Beth & Steve Fuller

* WE used WCH for both of our children’s weddings and would use you again for any other upcoming events we might have. We would also recommend you to others. — Donna Cosme

* WCH -professional, friendly, prompt and wonderful! My wedding was a complete success thanks to the WCH! I will definitely refer WCH to my friends and family! — Mike & Julie (Justmann) Trautt

* F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! Our friends and family are still raving about the wonderful time they had! We could not have selected a better, top-notch company!! We will HIGHLY recommend WCH to anyone!! (With our pleasure!) Thanks WCH!! It was a spectacular evening!! — Debbie & Dave Seiller

* WCH was very efficient and accommodating-planning a wedding from another state is not the easiest! They not only had a wide selection and variety of songs (the music selections played were everything we selected and more!) but they were willing to search for songs they did not have. Great job! —- Mark H. Trainor

* Our WCH DJ was very professional and outgoing. He read the crowd like a pro! I will recommend you to my high school principal for the school dances. — Todd & Tammany Newton

* We thought WCH did a great Job-they kept the party moving. All of our guests had a great time, even for a Sunday wedding. — Julie & Jay Wattenberg

* WCH provided professional service with great quality. Everyone had a wonderful time dancing. Thank you for playing my great grandpa’s piano music during dinner. — Erin & Mark Polis

* Terrific! WCH really insured that the music was everything that we wanted. — Alma & John Graf

* It was very good! Our WCH DJ called to make sure that everything went smoothly. It was very much appreciated. — Amy & Louis Sedivy

* Very pleasant! Our WCH DJ came to us to ask us questions (regarding music requests) & to see how we were. He also asked permission to play a request from one of our guest that we had on our “do not play” list. Our WCH DJ was very professional and personable. — Tom & Amy Noto

* Everything was performed to our expectations and our WCH DJ stuck to his guns when our guests requested songs on our “do not play” list. — Michelle & Jason Feierstein

* The announcements & music were absolutely perfect! Our guests had a great time dancing. Thanks. WCH! — Matt & Carrie Heisen

* We could not have had a better choice! WCH was awesome and we would recommend them to ANYONE! Thanks for making our reception so awesome! — Cassandra & Brian Peters

* I loved how my WCH DJ took my requests and actually played them! — Kelly & Dino Angelos

* Great! Guests commented on the volume of music, saying that it was not too loud and they could still converse properly. Our WCH DJ managed to play most of the songs requested by our younger guests. I was also impressed that our WCH DJ was able to find the song we requested for the mother-son dance. It was not on any play lists, but at the reception when it came time for this dance, our song was played!! I was touched by the extra effort to get the song. I would definitely recommend the WCH to others. Overall, we were very pleased. J Thank you! — Sara & John Harris

* Better than I/we had hoped for. All our visions were exceeded. Our WCH DJ did a fabulous job in all our aspects! We had many compliments from our guests on our WCH DJ. He was just the right guy for our wedding reception. Our dealings with WCH were 1st class from start to finish! — Chris Caritinos

* We loved how our WCH DJ used his selections of music to get everyone on the dance floor!!!! Our WCH DJ did an amazing job! — Christine & Larry Tosh

* Our WCH DJ was outstanding. He made my husbands 40th birthday party a GREAT success! Thank you! I will definitely use your services again & recommend you to others! — Julie Agasi

* We were blown away! Your company exceeds all expectations! Everyone at our wedding told us they have not had that much fun at a wedding ever! Lighting, sound, music…all unbeatable! Our parents got so many compliments that they are hoping to contract you for their 35th anniversary! WCH made our day unforgettable!! — Carrie & Brian Strange

* Absolutely fabulous time! WCH really made our reception. — Michaela & Brian Cavanaugh

* Our WCH DJ played everything we requested exactly as we went over it prior to the reception. Everything looked and sounded great, and Steve and I were very happy with our WCH DJ’s services. Thanks!! J — Nicole & Steve Johnston

* The dance floor was packed all night. Everyone had a great time. WCH, thank you! — Mimi & Mark O’Henley

* The night went off without a problem and our WCH DJ made thee night very special! — Noel & Cori Zimmerman

* Our WCH DJ was excellent and professional. He kept the party going well and interacted well with our guests. — Jennifer & Steve Jones

Are you now ready to put a contract out on a Hitman?


We have a lineup, second to none of mature and seasoned Disc Jockeys. Each being seasoned communicators, personable & college educated relate well to folks of different ages and backgrounds. All have a vast knowledge of diverse music and know how to read a crowd and keep them dancing the night away. They are not just playing through a music list, but actually know each individual song and where each song will fit into the big picture. Each is personal, punctual, neat and loves to entertain seeing that your guests leave with a smile on their face because they had a great time.

Each Of Our Professionals Fill The Role As:

  • Event Planner
  • Master Of Ceremonies
  • Disc Jockey
  • On-Site Coordinator
  • Technician


A Top Notch DJ will avoid the following 2 mistakes:

(1) to totally disappear from the mike, just playing the music without tasteful song introductions, announcements, instructions, interaction or enthusiasm. You might as well have hired a juke box or I Pod! and (2) to upstage the client by trying to want to be the focus of attention. Having an arrogant attitude or telling a joke between each and every song and in so doing interrupt the flow of the party and the music. This takes away the focus from you and your guests, the true stars of the show. You might ask who’s wedding is it anyway?


Check out individual DJ Reviews at: www.windycityhitman.com/dj-reviews


DJ Profiles

ExperienceMobile Disc Jockey for 14 years for Windy City. Previously co-hosted Indianapolis Radio shows on Q95 & WIBC during the Indy 500 Month of May since the mid 1980's.
EducationTrinity, Deerfield , IL (Masters Degree)
Indiana University (BS Business & Marketing)
Bob's ThoughtsI just love Techno Dance Music. Teaching the Pizza Dance to a new group is always challenging & exciting. I still think watching adults attempt to Hula Hoop is a blast.
1st LP bought wasA Nod is as Good as a Wink to a Blind Horse (Rod Stewart)
Favorite ColorBright Lime Green
Loves bopping to the beat of favorite dance songs. Enjoys being interactive & has won karaoke contests. Great personality one on one and on the microphone in front of crowds.
Memorable EventDisney Convention at the Rosemont Convention Center

Read More About Bob

ExperiencePrior to Windy City Hitman DJs had 8 years of mixing and mastering music experience and play two instruments: Piano and guitar.
EducationUniversity of Cincinnati ( BA in Communication and Spanish)
Patricks's ThoughtsI have studied music throughout the years dating back to the Motown and swing eras. I have extensive background knowledge of most genres. Fun and exciting ready and willing to have a great time.
1st LP bought wasJames Brown discography (Start time)
Favorite ColorRoyal Blue and the purest of White
StyleInteractive/ Professional /Highly Energetic

I love to dance even behind the DJ booth to let the crowd know that I’m enjoying myself. I enjoy interacting with the party to keep the crowd energized. I generally dance to every genre of music. My microphone presence is unbeatable and I can control a crowd to keep the event professional.
Memorable EventAn over the top wedding at Bartlett Hills & Palmares in Costa Rica.

Read More About Patrick


ExperienceMobile Disc Jockey for 16 years, all with Windy City. Experienced public speaker for 12 plus years. Has assisted in the editing of Windy City Literature.
EducationJohn Marshall Law School (Law Degree)
Illinois State (BS, Political Science)
Brian's ThoughtsJimmy Buffett is tops to me. The biggest challenge I ever had was making a wedding, years ago, a success without a microphone.
1st LP bought wasStill Crazy after all the Year (Paul Simon)
Favorite ColorBlue
Treasures the opportunity to share his love of music with people and to be a part of an important time of one's life. Is a professional DJ in the truest sense of the word. Coordinates well with photographers, videographers & banquet managers. Very detailed.
Memorable EventQuotesmith.com Party

Read More About Brian

ExperienceDance Instructor and Trumpet player prior to Windy City Hitman DJs. Experienced in Salsa & Swing Competitions. Experienced Public Speaker.
EducationUniversity of Illinois (BA in Communications)

Lamar's ThoughtsAs a Former Musician I have an appreciation for every style and Era of music. As a current dance instructor I know what people like to dance too!
1st LP bought wasJanet Jackson Rhythm Nation
Favorite ColorFavorite Color: Deep Purple
StyleInteractive/Professional, Enjoys both styles, especially qualified to lead & teach group line dances.

Memorable EventMy very First Wedding Party!

Read More About Lemar


Experience6 plus years as mobile DJ, drumer & vocalist.
EducationElgin Community College (Business), Barrett College
Joe's ThoughtsI enjoy give the customer what they want: good communications & a dance floor filled with smiling guests.
1st LP bought wasGlass Houses, Billy Joel
Favorite ColorBlue
Memorable EventWedding at The Alegra Hotel, Chicago

Read More About Joel


ExperienceDJ experience 8 years. Public speaking and corporate team leadership career. Can specialize in Latin and Country Music.
EducationUniversity of Illinois
Mike's ThoughtsConnecting with people, and contributing to their special day is why I enjoy being a DJ. Every show is just as important. Funniest thing I can remember is experiencing an elderly grandma break dance
1st LP bought wasDetroit Rock City (Kiss)
Favorite ColorBlack
Combines a warm and friendly personality with great microphone presence. His desire to make each party fun and exciting will make you pleased he is the DJ for your event. He is extremely cordial and works well with everybody to get it just right.
Memorable EventMilitary Ball at the Rosemont Convention Center

Read More About Mike

ExperienceHas nearly 15 years of mobile experience. Marty has been active in the karaoke market over the past decade. Previously played bass guitar in cover and original bands in the Washington D.C. area.
EducationUniversity of Maryland (BS in Business)
Patricks's ThoughtsMy three kids think my being a DJ is cool. They also keep me current with new music, while I keep them up on the dance/club scene.
1st LP bought wasEleanor Rigby (Beatles)
Favorite ColorGray
StyleProfessional with the needed Interaction

I love to get to know my clients and cater to their specific tastes. While possessing an excellent knowledge of music and enjoying a wide range of tunes my favorite type is Techno. Very friendly and accommodating. I treat every event as special. Excellent on the mic.
Memorable EventHoliday Party at The Hard Rock Cafe

Read More About Marty


ExperienceHas 7 plus years combined experience as a club & mobile DJ.
EducationChicago State University (BA)
Tracy's ThoughtsI love music and the effect it has on people at clubs & parties.
1st LP bought was
Favorite Color
Great knowledge of music both past & present along with a friendly & professional approach.
Memorable EventAn over the top surprise birthday party.

Read More About Tracy


Experience22 Years as a Mobile DJ for Windy City. Founder & president. Effective public speaker as a former college administrator & instructor.
EducationTrinity, Deerfield, IL (Masters Degree, Historical Theology)
Washington DC College (BA Education)
Gary's ThoughtsOne of the greatest challenges for me was on January 2nd a few years ago when we had the snowstorm for the ages where only 30 of 175 guests showed up and we still had a fantastic time. Funniest thing occurred when a five year old boy pulled the plug on the first dance.
1st LP bought wasLazy Crazy Days of Summer (Nat King Cole)
Favorite ColorPowder Blue
Believes that the opportunity to entertain guest with the greatest music of all time is a great privilege. Treats each event with special detail, care & enthusiasm. Has a superior knowledge of all music. Extremely Organized.
Memorable EventChicago Bears Parties in the Payton Center at Halas Hall

Read More About Gary

Over the years it has become evident that our clientele not only possesses very diversified tastes in music, but also in the tone and atmosphere the Disc Jockey creates.


Our Disc Jockeys can interact with your guests in one of two ways:

The Interactive Disc Jockey

Actively interacts with the guests from behind the booth and on the dance floor. Will wear and/or share the appropriate prop hats and inflatables to give a visual look to match the music. Physically lead a line dance, form a party train, conduct a limbo and/or hoola hoop contest.

The Professional Disc Jockey

Predominately stays behind the booth without prop hats. Tastefully introduces the music, makes introductions and personalize requests. Will encourage participation via the mike for all selected events and dances. Does not perform skits, jump or dance on tables and never use foul or inappropriate language. Both approaches are personal, tasteful and enthusiastic.


We are dedicated to providing our clients with the greatest music of all time, which produces enjoyment and fun for all by means of a fantastic collection of music (100,000+ titles from 1920 to Current Top 40), experienced and professional Disc Jockeys and top quality sound and lighting systems. We are in the entertainment business because of our love of music, and have no greater thrill and satisfaction than knowing that we have helped make another celebration special, fun, and memorable.  In the interest of maintaining excellence over the years The Windy City Hitman DJ’s take pride in receiving a written 10-point post event evaluation from each client.


What We Are & What We Are Not:

What We Are!What We are Not!
Informative & clear. Our clients know
specifically what they are getting and receive precisely what they expect. No surprises.
No specifics on equipment, music lists,
lighting, DJs or legitimate references. Just
generalities & fluff.
What you see is what you get! Our
equipment is exactly as seen on our
website, literature & DVD!
Bait & Switch, you don't know what sound
system you're getting until you show up on
the day of your reception.
All Sound Systems are Identical & Company owned!Each system is different, no consistency. Different Speakers, Mics, Mixers. Each DJ
has different equipment.
2 Apple iMac Computers each fully loaded
& organized with 35,000 plus songs for
peace of mind. Complete Backup.
Takes a chance & just uses an IPod, Cd's or
2nd Rate Computer as a back up.
All DJs work exclusively for Windy City Hitman!Nothing more than a Glorified Subcontractor.
All DJs are College degreed & experienced
as seen on Website profiles.
You don't know whom you'll get.
Quality Customer Service & Value at its best. Check out our hundreds & hundreds of totally satisfied clients!No references listed/provided for you to contact. Anyone can just claim they're good. Where's the proof?
Up to 6 hour reception packages which include cocktail, dinner & dance music. No hidden costs. Hidden costs like charging extra for the cocktail hour.
A continual resource for you. We freely offer our advise in our written literature, website, phone or in person. We're full
Contract you, take your money, then leave you hanging with no commitment of promises or expectations met.
Organized, neat & attention to every
Specifics & appearance don't matter.
Customization, we will work with you to give you exactly what you want. It's your reception. You deserve what you want. They do it their way, not your way. They
won't work with you on every detail.

WindyCityHitman.com 847-255-9164

1) Are we charged additional for setup & take down time?
No, the only time that you are charged is from the time you want us set up by till when we play the last song of the event.

2) How early do you arrive to setup?
We arrive at the banquet hall 2 full hours before our scheduled start time. This allows for a no rush setup and a full sound check before your first guests arrive.

3) Is there a travel fee?
We do not charge any additional for travel within the Chicago Metro area including such locations as Lake Geneva, Aurora, Hammond or Gurnee. We do have a Downtown Chicago fee which covers parking fees, tips and loading and unloading.

4) Can we pick out our favorite music?
Yes, we encourage you to pick out as much music as you like. Customization is our middle name. It is your party and you deserve what you want. Please use our music lists on our online planning forms for assistance and submit any additional favorites not on the lists. The lists are just the tip of the iceberg. If it is not listed, it does not mean that we don’t already have it or will get it. Remember we already own over 100,000 titles in our master collection! If you want it we have it or will get it.

5) Can we give you a do not play list?
Let us know what you don’t want to hear and we will make sure it is not played. You can make note of this on the online forms or submit a separate do not play list.

6) Can we pick out the specific events we want to do and don’t want to do?
It’s totally up to you. You customize all aspects for your celebration to your desires.

7) Are the DJs allowed to drink alcohol or smoke at the reception?
No alcohol or smoking is allowed.

8 ) When do we need to submit the planning forms & music lists?
Please submit or return the completed forms no less than a month before your event.

9) Do you make the introductions and MC the event?
Yes, and we do a great job at it. We fill the roles of Sound Expert, Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremony and Event Coordinator.

10) Do you provide music for cocktails and dinner?
We enjoy setting the right mood from the start. Some popular choices during dinner include: Instrumental Jazz, Romantic Ballads and Italian American Favorites including Rat Pack Tunes. We keep the sound at the appropriate level. We will check with you to make sure the volume is set at the appropriate level for you and your guests.

11) Do you bring backup equipment?
Even though we have the best equipment in the business we still bring a complete backup system on site including a identical Apple iMac G5, with a 17 inch screen computer fully loaded with over 35,000 songs for peace of mind. We do not use simply an I Pod or CDs as a backup like other DJ companies.

12) Are you insured?
Yes fully, with a major insurance company.

13) Are tips required?
No, a tip would not be a tip if it was mandatory, it must be earned. Tips, while welcome, are not required and are solely of the discretion of our satisfied clients.

14) Can we see a live performance?
Sorry, due to our commitment to professionalism and the respect we have for our contracted clients, we do not invite uninvited guests to our clients events. We believe a better and more efficient way to check us out is to call our references who would enjoy talking with you, view our video and/or set up an appointment to meet with us. Check out our numerous totally satisfied client’s live personal video testimonials on The Hitman’s Blog. blog.windycityhitman.com

15) How do we secure our event date with The Windy City Hitman DJs?
It’s simple, either we can mail you a completed contract with a self enclosed stamped envelope or you can meet with us at our Arlington Heights Office. All you need to do is sign the original contract with the appropriate deposit. You keep the yellow copy for your records. After we receive the deposit and contract we will give you a receipt. Final payment is ultimately not due until 30 days prior to your event date.

  • We promise to remember that this is your wedding day, a once in a lifetime event, a day unlike any other you will ever experience. We will never view your day as just another party.
  • We promise to respect your wishes. It’s your day, and your style. We will make it work for you.
  • We promise to give you the benefit of our expertise. We don’t just make you tell us what to do. We will work with you, not just for you. We will help you with ideas, whether completely new to you, or just by helping to make your own ideas work even better.
  • We promise not to ask you to make decisions on your wedding day about how things should go. All planning and decisions will be made in advance, so that you can enjoy your day and enjoy your guests.
  • We promise to represent you well. We realize that we are your spokesperson. We are the one your family and best friends will hear when you are introduced into the room, introduced for your first dance and parents dances. We will make you proud.
  • We promise not to embarrass you. No surprises. No cheese. No embarrassing you or your guests, or forcing your guests to do things they don’t want to do. We believe in encouragement, not intimidation.
  • We promise that we will be easy to work with. Our purpose is to make your day great.

Our Music collection is extensive! We have over 100,000 titles.

… But others might also.

Our Equipment is superior! We use new JBL Self Powered G2 Speaker Systems & Apple iMac Computers.

… But others might also.

Our Lighting is great! We offer a variety of quality lighting and special effects options.

… But others might also.

The Big Difference:

The Hitman DJs are totally Professional! We have a lineup of experienced DJs who are college educated. Let The Hitmen create an atmosphere of enthusiasm combined with professionalism.

● The entire reception is planned with you in advance. We guide you through the process of planning your reception. We encourage each bride and groom to make choices when it comes to the music and events and we review each detail with you in advance of your reception. This insures that your reception will be special, unique and memorable to you.

● The introductions and announcements are performed with great effectiveness. Preparation and great mike presence gives your guests that attention getting first impression that this is going to be a great celebration.

● The center of attention is focused upon the bride and groom and not upon the DJ. The bride and groom are the stars of the show not the DJ. You won’t be embarrassed.

● The events are coordinated with the banquet facility and photographer to insure a smooth event. This gives you the peace of mind that the events are going to be done right and in a timely manner.

● The Hitmen know music of all types and from all eras. The greater music knowledge the DJ possesses the greater variety of music he can draw from.

● The Hitmen, with excellent communication skills, can relate to both the young and old. This gives all your guests the feeling that they are going to be included in the party and not left out.

● The Hitmen know how to read the crowd. Drawing from years of experience we will get the most dancing out of your guests. Knowing when to transition from one set of music to another and sensing the right time to play a certain song will help produce the most dancing and fun.

Remember the DJ Company you choose to perform at your reception will be representing you in front of your relatives and closest friends at one of the biggest events of your life.


Our office is located at: 405 E. Thomas, Arlington Heights, IL 60004

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